10th Kotoba: Our words..

Long time ago..

“Indeed our words will remain lifeless, 
until we die in pursuit of those words, 
then those same words will be brought to life 
and live amongst the people, 
inspiring them and bringing their hearts to life.”
Syed Qutb

All the best in your life, whoever and wherever you are. Lets not forget the real purpose of our existance. Allah bless.

note: next week FEA project due date, two weeks to the final report FYP, 3weeks to FYP presentation and final examinations. Pray for me~

note2: About the EIT, I think I'll change the company with my friend. He received an offer near Hlu Kelang. and I think I need to work on the weekends too to pay my fees for next semester. Maybe continuing my tutoring job in Good Widow Janda Baik.


3 Responses to "10th Kotoba: Our words.."
  1. @zara
    a'a. arigato. ^_^

    Salam Maulud Nabi too.

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