My way of spending CNY..




It's Monday and because of the Chinese New Year, it's holiday. Right now, I'm all alone at my Mahallah (residential college) doing my piles of work, FYP report, FYP simulation, completing FEA LS-DYNA project, sleeping, and preparing for the Internal Combustion Engine's Midterm exam which will be on Wednesday.

Me, basyir, aiman and meor amin went to Nik Fahmi & Zunairah's wedding in Ulu Langat. Congratulation to them. This time around, we manage to take few pictures there after learning our lesson of not bringing along a camera and capturing any picture at last week's Fadhli & Farhah's wedding. Just imagine sitting for hours waiting for Jepah and Yat from Perlis and forgot to take any picture. Guess they'll need to photoshop my picture later. 

Finishing the lab report. It took me my whole day but glad I finished it. Also doing some LS-DYNA tutorial. Try to edit the airbag simulation but couldn't do it. Maybe later.

Supposed to start study for ICE midterm today. After this quick updateperhaps. Sumi & Najibah is getting married and since it is in Kedah, cannot go and also because I didn't receive the news till last night. Anyway, Kekkon omedeto gozaimasu.

Revising some more. The next day will be THE exam. It's En. Moh's subject!!

Midterm ICE! wishing myself all the best since no one going to wish me.

note: it's only February and notice how many my friends wedding this year. Jepah said this and indeed, he is true. "Cannot attend to many recption. It's not good for me" It's because when attending those weddings, you just couldn't help yourself but to think when is your time. haha

note2: not to forget my fellow chinese blogger friends, Gong Xi Fat Choi, Xin Ning Kuai Le~. Actually, I only know one chinese blogger, amoi of rojakstory.


9 Responses to "My way of spending CNY.."
  1. 1st: good luck
    2nd: discipline yourself to follow the plan
    3rd: xin ning kuai le

    May Allah ease your ways...

  2. Thanks.

    Owh, its Xin ning kuai le?

    thanks again

  3. la, xhabis2 lagi midterm? org dah nak final la..huhu..aku pn xblk jugak weh.kekonon buat assignment la.. =)

  4. wah3..quick update eh?hehe...

    p study nuh..ekekeke..

    akak pn tak balik,byk keje..nasib baik wireless uia ok skit,so bleh sambung buat assignment..=)

    bunyi mcm mau kawin je?hampir2 bau nasi minyak shu'bah..hihihiihhihi..;p

    nway, all the best na!(^_+)

  5. @mili

    Besa la engin.lg2 kalo lecturer tu killer. keje pon byk ni, tp kna fokus midterm.


    bgusla xbalik. tp cm sunyi je uia ni mcm rmai balik.

    nk kawin xde duit. haha

  6. memang sunyi pun..

    ala, mas kahwin murah je...kawin je la..hahaha

    senangnye kalau boleh camni kan.hehehe..

    tak lama dh 2..kalau ada niat baik,insyaAllah cpt juga tertunai..=)

  7. murah ikut negeri la. hehe

    tgk la. tunggu kad kawin pos kt sini, insya Allah. hehe

  8. cantek ar lukisan kartun tu...lama tak melukis...

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