Sunday events and Palestin talk announcement

Ayyash is not in the picture.


Firstly, I'm really sorry I couldn't attend Zaid & Asma's reception at Jalan Kebun yesterday. I don't have the transport and few things came up. I'm really sorry and also would like to congratulate them on their wedding. May Allah bless you two with soleh and solehah kids.(^_^)


  • Went to my friend Huzaifah's reception at majid wilayah with Adib, Audi, Fadhli and Mustaqim.The food was very nice. Congratulation on your wedding too, Jepah (this is jepah uia, not usim. hehe). Barakallahu Lakuma~
  • Went to Abg Munawar and Kak Mar's Ayyash birthday party in behalf of my familty. This is my Uncle's family from Abah's side. Glad that everyone is doing fine and healthy. Didn't have the chance to meet other family members like Abg Mubasyir and Kak Anis though. Forgot to bring any present for little Ayyash. I'll always pray for his good health. (Ayyash is now 2 year old if I'm not mistaken. 29th February 2008)

"Happy belated birthday to Ayyash. May Allah bless Baba & Mama's family with His eternal Love and blessings always"


To all UIA student, this Monday night after isya', there will be a talk on Palestine issues at Musolla Engin. All are invited.

note: mou sukoshi dake. Saigo made ganbarimashou!!


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