To wait or not to wait?


Quick update:

1. I just got another offer from a company in Bangi. According to Adib, my friend who are already accepted the offer from the same company, they will give me an allowance of 200 MYR.

2. I am thinking of accepting the offer but then again, the words from a senior who have completed the industrial training with the same company still ring in my mind. It's about some issues going on there during his practical training.

3. As of this date, I'm still waiting for the offer from two companies. They are actually looking for permanent employees rather than temporary practical students and said that they'll contact me if any available vacancy.

3.5. So, what should I do? The industrial training starts on April 12th. If I still couldn't get any company after I reject this one, I'll be doomed. It's not just about money. 

4. Midterms were not very good. Need to struggle for finals.

5. Project still on-going but very slowly.

6. If I cannot go to trainings, weddings, meetings or gatherings, please understand that I'm at my room finishing my jobs. I know you guys are busy too, so, you guys should understand my problems.

Till then, cheerio~

note: Is it possible that the company people read this? maybe after they view my FB or search my email. (a bit scary because of the news about people getting fired through FB and all)


13 Responses to "To wait or not to wait?"
  1. then buat istikharah..u have two big options to choose yet too many things to let Allah helps u to find the best choice..

    InsyaAllah..u will find the answer

  2. buat lah pilihan yg terbaik (:

  3. tunggu je.. kumpul byk2 offer. hehe.

  4. lets do industrial training with me
    with herbalife

    10 k in 3 month


    confirm amru will angry with me

  5. Susah jgk 2 nak terima atau tak..

    just follow your heart...=)

  6. buat keputusan yang terbaik la untuk u...huhuhu

  7. @Atiqah
    Insya Allah. only if I receive another offer.

    tgh try nk pilih mane yg baik.. :(

    @Aina Belle
    takut yg dikejar xdpt, yg dikendong berciciran. hehe

    If I'm allowed by the univ,that will be no problem. hehe

    tu la psl. I'll try to consider the pro and cons.

    thanks. tgh pikir lg ni. huhu

  8. selamat berjuang,..janji kawin ana datang

  9. All the best shu'bah.
    Doa banyak2 dkt Allah.Mohon diberi kekuatan dan dipermudahkan urusan.

    Jom tingkatkan HDA!

  10. @Fathi,Jepah,Nabil

    Jazakallah..thanks for the reminder.

    kawin? lari tajuk ni..

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