A True Hero


Everyone wants to be a hero. Even though sometimes we think that it is almost impossible and we don't have the capabilities or super powers to become one, but deep down in our heart, there must be some feelings and desires that at least, we want to become a hero in our own lives and fight. We might think, if we can be a hero, a hero who will change our current political scenes and builds a great government, or a hero who will helps those who are in need, those who are poor and sick, those hungry kids down the streets.

and for me,  I also wanted to be a hero. A hero who will save our Muslims Brothers and Sisters all over the world who are being oppressed and tortured, especially in Palestine.  

So, step up! Be a hero.

At least by helping others around you or be kind to them. Not because of your thirst for power, praises, or glories but because you feel like it is the right thing to do. Some people are unsure about this and they'll need some encouragements. This video will shows you how people will react when a hero answered their calls. Now, everyone can be a HERO. It may takes some time to load, but trust me, it is worth the wait. It is very inspiring.

Credits: Kyo


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