Weekend @ Sheffield [Contest ]

Title: Unity through Sportsmanship

This entry is for weekend @ sheffield contest. To understand the better of it, you might want to refresh some memories back during your high school years or now if you are still a student. 
Have you ever had difficulties getting along with your seniors/juniors in your school? I think we all do. If not all, some of us might have had the problem. Sometimes, this kind of bond between boys is not just to protect themselves from being bullied or anything (some people tend to bully people outside their pack). It is to capture the heart of others to spread the word of truth about Islam and it is called ukhuwwah between our Muslims brothers.

During my time, there was this one boy who was very passionate in everything he does. I was a prefect just like him and sometimes getting along with everybody is impossible for a prefect, even among the students body. So, I will just do my job and ignoring all grumbles and hatred from others.

But, this boy is different. He wanted everyone to believe in him, to be their friend. What he did was that he will look for the interest of a person and from that, he will capture their heart and make them to trust him. And of course, for us, boys, our common interest will be sports. So, he will join all kinds of sports just to strengthen the ukhuwwah among students and to say that it is okay to trust him, and also to trust others. Until he graduated from the school, and even after that, he was like a legend, loved and respected by others.

Now, if I want to get along with anyone, I’ll apply the same technique and surprisingly it works!

Here in IIU, I manage to befriend with a guy from Madagascar (he already went home for some reasons) and some guys from Comoros Island, after I joined the Varsity Volleyball team,

Some Nepalese from playing volleyball at the USIM apartment, which I forgot to take pictures with, and friends from other universities as well, from a futsal friendly,

And some Japanese and Thais, Chinese and Indonesian, from Futsal


Sports games do promote unity. As long as the rules are followed and the intention is clear. Why don’t you guys also give it a try and see the results. Perhaps a futsal tournament between bloggers. At least, if you don’t get friends, you will get a healthy body, insya Allah. After all, Allah loves strong healthy Muslims rather than weak Muslims and Rasulullah also encourages us to stay healthy by learning to ride horses, archery, and swimming.

“True sportsmen only become your rivals during the game and become your friends after it ended”

This is a post for Joegrimjow ‘s weekend @ Sheffield contest. The themes are 'True Meaning of Love' and ' Unity through Sportsmanship'. Visit his blog to join it and don’t forget to put me as your referrer.

For those who are studying in UK or anywhere near, don't miss this chance to join it. Do visit smsa to know more about weekend @ Sheffield; the Sheffield Games and Nasyeed Extravaganza (NEXT)

“Money is nothing comparing to the Ukhuwwah created between us”
Mr. Joegrimjow

note: okay, I’m just kidding. The last two pictures are just my friends from different states in Malaysia. ^_^


11 Responses to "Weekend @ Sheffield [Contest ]"
  1. akak mmg teringin dan sangat berminat utk join sports tapi dr 1st year smpi la skrg 4th year kesihatan tidak mengizinkan untuk aktif..join biasa2 je..tengok orang banyak la..ekekeke..;p

    i'm voting the first green picture which i can see a great ukhuwwah among all of you!=)

  2. same la. I've asthma but when I play sports, asthma tu kurang. lpas main br kna.

    thanks. :p

  3. “True sportsmen only become your rivals during the game and become your friends after it ended” ~it's realy2 true..(^^)

  4. I planned to take part in this contest too..but we'll see if i have enough time to create creative entry..
    good luck..

  5. hoho

    really good explanation about unity

    totally agreed

    one of the way to strengthen ukhwah is playing sport together

    thanks !! i will write my review

  6. @Atiqah

    Dont u have enough time before u go back for the holiday?do join.The more the merrier, even though the percentage of me winning will go down. hehe


    yeay. thanks for the review~

  7. shubah,..quick2 before u lose it

  8. saya nampak banyak budak mct! oh saya nampak audi! ;P


  9. haha. xde gamba lain nk letak, letak je la gamba lame.huhu

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