What is Islam?

What is Islam?

Poem written by : Maymoonah MS Adly

"What is Islam?” is the question you ask.
Answering this question is every Muslims task.

Describing Islam can be a lot,
But first I’ll tell you what Islam is not.

Islam is not Faraqan and terrorism.
Nor is it oppressing women and racism.

Islam doesn’t teach these things.
On the contrary it forbids them.

Islam isn’t focused on selling news papers and bean pies.
It’s not about drinking goats milk and having many wives.


Most people think Islam is just a religion.
But, it is actually a detailed way of living, prescribed by Allah, the merciful, the forgiving.

Peace, submission, and morality,Respect, kindness and charity.
And worshipping one God, the All Mighty, This is Islam.

It demolishes the cloudiness and confusion in our brains.
Faith in God is one thing Islam sustains.

It makes clear our purpose of life, beginning and end.
People take our wealth and freedom, but our faith we must defend. 



6 Responses to "What is Islam?"
  1. muslim awareness week just started here ;-)

  2. true..
    this is why I love Islam just the way it is.. not the way that the west pictured it on the screen=

  3. tq for the entry. sama2 kita beringat sesama kita.. kdg2 kita terlalai :)

  4. people who find it is difficult to conform with the Islamic rules will always find excuses to escape.

    it's a simple message yet poignant..i like the way it's being put in rhyme...

  5. @joegrimjow
    really?thats good.If you guys can attract as many local ppl as u can, thats better. Allah bless.


    me too.despite the attempts to show Islam is terrorists and all, its our job to show the truth about Islam.

    insyaAllah.hati ini pon slalu lalai. T_T

    yup.this kind of people, we need to remind them.If not, who else?

    a reminder for me too.

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