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FYP Presentation
It went very well at first when not one of the examiners was looking or hearing anything I had presented. Dr. M was looking at my report, Dr. Y was outside calling his students and Dr. K was answering calls. I was like, "oh, this is good. I'll just have to finish this and just go". Besides, I've told them I'm not feeling very well with the serious asthma attack and all.And it starts when they start asking question about the results, topic and what I've been doing for FYP 1. tsk. I couldn't answer any of that right. Thanks to my supervisor who have been backing me up.

As usual, after it had finished, then, the ideas came flowing through my heads. and they just stay there, in my head.

"Yes Dr. M, I understand that the topic is structural analysis of frontal structure of a car but I only focused on spot-welds and all. Shouldn't it be like this if I was to do this project with other guy, then the FYP1 will be our overall analysis of body structure and in FYP 2 we will focus on our parts. Now, when I'm doing it all alone, is it wrong if I just focus on spot-welds?, do tell me."

"You asked me what I was looking for in this project dear Dr. Y? Like I mentioned in the main focus for this project at the beginning of my presentation when no one was listening to me, the deformation of the structure with and without the spot-welds feature. and by 'without the spot-welds', I mean using another joining features. My bad for answering roller-hemming."

"I'm not going to elaborate more on why I just showed you guys the LSTC tutorial outcome and not my real structure's outcome. Like I said, I'm getting errors and not making this sounds like an excuse, for the past few days, during my asthma attack at it worse, I couldn't even sleep without having difficulties in breathing. And it effects my thinking ability too."

and it ends here. Thanks to my supervisor, Dr. K for answering the questions on my behalf. Seriously speaking, I couldn't think of anything with limited oxygen in my head. (I just had my Nebulizer that very morning and two more the day before that). Thanks to the kind examiners for not pressuring me a lot with the questions. They are just doing their jobs and wanted to see their students perform well. I'm really sorry for not preparing myself for the presentation earlier. I know you're probably thinking that I'm just making these excuses. You'll know when you have this kind of health problem. 

Final exams
I'm really glad I dropped the course. Thanks to Adib. Because of the low CAM and all, I decided to just drop the course. Thus, I have 5 days of preparation for FEA, 3days for Power Train and ONE week for HT. Hoping I'll be healthy by then.
After being asked by EITU to reject the offer because apparently I was waiting for another offer, I rejected the company in Shah Alam's offer. My bad for being so selfish and leave them with no reply. I'm a bit short of money you see, after the drop and all. So, I couldn't imagine myself renting a house in Shah Alam with zero MYR in my pockets. So sorry for the company (they maybe have blacklisted my name for any future business with the company. I don't blame them at all.) and sorry to Sis Aida because she needs to take all the calls from the companies asking the students' acceptance statuses. Just imagine if there are 10 other students like me. Feel sorry for her. Will settle everything by today, Insya Allah.

Which concert is better than SuJu's or AF?
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All the best for your exams and whatever you're doing. Best wishes from me. Owh and thanks for the doa and wishes too, be it by messages and comments.


11 Responses to "FYP Presentation-Final Exams-EIT-Konserto Terakhir"
  1. "...As usual, after it had finished, then, the ideas came flowing through my heads. and they just stay there, in my head...."

    me tooo!!!!!!!!


    ".. I mentioned in the main focus for this project at the beginning of my presentation when no one was listening to me,.."

    me tooo!!!

    they don't seems to listen but then they ask the question about what i ve already explained...

    and there was not enough time to answer it back..

    and i hate having this comment,

    "farah, u should talk more..."

    20 mins is not enough!!!

    ops.. gomen.. membebel cni pulak..

  2. haha. For me it's more than enough.I'm sick and I want to get this over with.But then again, the lecturers are always right. When they are wrong,they are still right.hmm

    All the best hikari nee chan for your finals.

  3. some term i didnt understand

  4. Thanks for the post...

    are you going to the concert?

    I want to ask you which is more important, focusing for final exams or going to the concert?

    I asked syu'bah-sama you because I do not know...

  5. wah. best lah da stle.. :) xyah pk dah fyp :))

  6. it's really a bad thing when u have big presentation then u are sick...though u prepare earlier, u still can't take it when health problem comes along...

    take care...all the best..insyaAllah u can do it.

  7. @joegrimjow
    which term?engineering terms?sometimes I dont understand the terms too.hehe

    I'm not going to the concert because the next day is my exam. A big one.I'm just promoting here so that people who are free can go in my place and help Palestinian brothers/sisters.It's Ok if you want to focus on your exams. You can still help by your Doa and spread the words.

    oh. masih kena pikir lg. FYP 2 yg paling penting. Kena dpt result analysis yg betul2 punye. How's your FYP? dh abes?

    why thank you for the doa. The presentation went bad because of my health problem but then again, it is a test from Allah too.I'll just need to accept it and do my best next time.

  8. shu'bah..

    all the best in everything.
    Smga Allah hitung amal2 kita sbg ibadah.

  9. InsyaAllah. All the best for you too.owh lupe tgh praktikal xde exam..hehe

  10. well son,

    all the best in what ever u r doing. just remember, its the efforts that counts, not the outcome, becoz they are He's doing, not ours. So, just make sure that u ve given ur best, thus, 'man jadda wa jadda'...sapa yg berusaha dia dpt pahala.

    good luck again.

  11. @Aunty Meen
    Thanks aunty for the reminder and the Doa. It really helps me going through the exams with clear mind and intention. Thanks again.

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