"Munsyi, this is your wife"

Umi called one day.

"Are you coming back this holiday?"

"Yes. Insya Allah. Why do you ask? I always return home when it's holiday"

"Well. I'm just asking. Make sure you come back because I have something important to tell you."

"Just tell me now. You make me curious."

"No. I need to tell you about this matter face to face."

"You make me curious even more. I guess alright then. I'll see you tomorrow and do pray for my safe journey back."

"I will.Take good care of yourself and your brothers too."

the very next day, after we arrived home safely at Mersing.

"Umi, We're back."

"Alhamdulillah. Why don't you call me to pick you up at the bus station. How was the journey? It was 12 hours from Kangar Bus station to Larkin and you boys must feel very exhausted now."

"Yes. Plus we need to take two more buses from JB to Mersing because direct buses were out of service."
"Okay. Just go to sleep now. It's already 12. You'll have a lot to do tomorrow."

"Wait. You tell me there's something important..."
"Just wait till tomorrow then you'll know."

The next day, as I wake up the second time after I continue my sleep after Subuh, Umi asked me wash up and wear that year's Baju Melayu Raya and all my brothers dressed up too.

But things are getting weirder when all the family members, my aunties, uncles, cousins were there. So, I thought that maybe my eldest brother is going to get marry or engage or something.

My Abah came to me and said,

"Munsyi. You see, I have a friend named A if you still remember him and last week, we met and talked about our lives. We were talking about you guys when suddenly he asked if any of my sons doesn't have anyone yet. So I mentioned your name. He's interested in marrying his daughter with you"

"But, I'm only 17 and my elder brothers are not even married yet."

"Yes, but they have someone else. Plus, she's very Solehah, Obedient, Intelligent and Pretty too. You'll definitely like her because we already do. We've met her and we seriously think that she'll be a good daughter-in-law."


Abah knows how to make me agree so he said "If you think this is too much, then we'll just cancel today's event and send everybody home now."

"Okay. If this what you want then I'll just follow your orders. I know you'll choose the best for me. Besides, it is true I don't have any particular person."

"I'm glad you agree. Okay. They're here. Go get the ring from your mother and  sit in front of the Qadi."

"Wait. This is weird. I never notice the Qadi before..."

"Just go and sit."


 After the girl's family entered and all were seated, my father said,

"Munsyi, this is your wife-to-be and her name is F "

as I turn around to see her face, I heard a loud siren and a man's voice. A familiar one.


In the end, I never get to see her face and all I can remember was her name. Seriously, I never heard of that name before having this dream. So, until now, I assumed that it is a sign from Allah and she is going to appear in my life one day. It's like kanojo wa boku no unmei no hito. It is just a memory from my final year in high school. Some part of it I made up because I couldn't remember the details but the name is true.

So, what do you think? If this really happens to you, would you agree to it? I know some people might think that arranged marriage is outdated. But if you can prevent couples, or wasting your time and money on dates and presents and stuffs, wouldn't it be nice to share your life with someone who is as special and protected as the woman who reserved herself only for her husband?  Like in Ketika Cinta Bertasbih movie.

Okay. Stop dreaming now munsyi. I'm writing about this because on Wednesday, I'm having my second exam and no, it is not a story writing subject.  I'm a bit 'not in the mood' to do the revision so I decided to write this post. It's a bit absurd, I know.(^_^)

Do pray for me. Till then.



61 Responses to ""Munsyi, this is your wife""
  1. uish... saspen bace.. ingat betol tadi.. lol

    F ?? ( uh uh cuba memerasankan diri.. ) heh but i bet u know her full name and not only F deshou?

    Kot jodoh kamu bukan yang mula F cane?? Sian yang tak nama F ? eh? saya terconpius seketika.

  2. Waa.. Wish to have that kind of dream too.. hehe...

    If its happen to me... ya.. maybe I will agree.. depends.. after some istikharah..

    Semoga berjumpa cik F yang diimpikan.. and all the best for you.. =)

  3. Ingatkan dah ada jemputan baru..

    Kami doakan yang terbaik...

    but still wondering...who the lucky girl will be.. =)

    jangan lupa jemput junior ya..
    InsyaAllah, yang terbaik akan datang pada masa yang sesuai..
    Semua sudah termaktub..

  4. salam.
    Wow I'm the 1st to comment..hehe

    Shu'bah nak kahwin?erk..
    Ana tau sape org tu..Hehe.

    Tapi,mana bleh nta kawin lg.Nta kena bagi ana kawin dulu.Nta x leh langkah bendul.

    Insya Allah ada la hamba Allah yg solehah menjadi bakal isteri nta.Jagan risau.

    All the best for the exams,life n etc.

  5. shu'bah ni buat saspen je...ingatkan dh nak kwin betul tadi...hahahaha..=p

  6. I know some people might think that arranged marriage is outdated. But if you can prevent couples, or wasting your time and money on dates and presents and stuffs, wouldn't it be nice to share your life with someone who is as special and protected as the woman who reserved herself only for her husband?

    I was against this before..but I can see the beauty of it after I saw my friends are having a great life with the chosen man..

  7. person that cohabitant before married will easier to divorce.

  8. F? confirm bukan i.
    wat suspen je cerita ni.

  9. arranged marriage?
    sure, why not?
    parents know best, no? ;)

  10. salam..
    uish..ingt ke da nk kawen..ehhe ok gak tu...jgn lupe ler kt i yer..hehhe..

  11. Syu'bah, when i was a MK student, I learnt a little bit on dream..

    Dream can be divided into two...The first is Hilmun(Mainan tidor) and the second is Ru'yah Solehah(Mimpi org2 soleh)....

    In your case, i think it is the latter. Maybe ALLAH has answered your answer to your istikharah... Or maybe you have to search the queen of on your heart with the name starting with "F"..

    Whatever is the hidden message ALLAH wants to give you, make sure that you put ALLAH ahead of anything...

    btw, is she the "girl" we have been talking about?

  12. @Fana neechan

    dah agak dah mesti ada yg terperasan kalau letak F je tapi nak buat camne,kalau letak nama penuh nanti mesti ramai lagi yg terperasan.

    of course la I wouldn't mind kalau jodoh dgn yg lain.Tapi sian jugak F nnti. erk..apakah? hehe

    Betul.Kena istikharah dulu. Lgpon Parents mesti pilih yg terbaik utk kita kan?

    The 1st girl I know with the same name was in your class back in M3. Kalau jd mesti kna jemput junior2 & classmate. hehe

    common sgt name2 tu. ni name jarg jumpe, thats why it is special.^^

    @ukur kira
    ala, dh tau ke sape?xsuspen la cmni.hehe.Of coz la xnk langkah bendul, sape grad dulu die kawin dulu. hehe

    suspen sgt ke?sje spice up the story a bit. Kakak2 kna kawin dulu.hehe

  13. suspen je..ingt nk kwen btol da td..
    mlepasla ika..

  14. @Atiqah
    True. In fact they are happier than any other couples.This is because their relationship is under Allah's blessings. :)

    true.Sometimes people fail to realize this solid fact.

    Kalau bkan F pon, kalau dh jodoh xkemana. hehe. eh, suspens ke,ada unsur2 thriller ke? hehe

    Yes.What kind of parents wouldn't want the best for us.
    wah.mcm dh ready je.Study dulu ye dik. hehe

    Wassalam.Mestila akan dijemput kalau jadi nanti. Jgn risau. hehe

    good to know. I cannot be sure about Hilmun or Ru'yah Solehah. I hope it's ru'yah solehah.Thanks for the reminder.

    Oh.she's not the girl we've been talking about.But if it is my jodoh to be with her, I'm more than happy. Wait, who are you talk about again?hehe

  15. LOL

    since when memanggil Fana neechan instead of hikari nee chan..?

  16. @ika
    Saje bg suspen sket.Belum kawin so belum melepas la.hehe. Lgpon ramai lagi yg soleh kt luar sana. Jgn putus asa. hehe

  17. @Hikari neechan
    Sje nk emphasize that your name might be the one I've been mentioning in the story. Walaupun sbenarnye bukan. hehe

  18. yup.. family lebih mengenali kita dari orang lain... tp depends juga la b/ground family tu kan?

    klu yg materialistik... kekdg diorg tak peduli hal lain2... yang penting harta..

    Astaghfirullah... jgnlah jadi macam tu..

  19. doesn't has anyone - sepatutnye doesnt have,...hehe

    awat xbgtau ana pn crta ni,..macam mana dgn U klu F yang datang?,...

    I thought U is the one

  20. @Nurul
    insyaAllah xkn jd cmtu.Family kmu kan faham.Lgpon mesti boleh bwk berbincang.

    Dh betulkn.hmm. dh bgtau la pah dulu, pastu ana ask around sape knal F. maybe u've forget bout it.

    Kalau dh jodoh, S pon leh jd.Semus dh disusun. :) Jgn wat ayat spekulasi pah.hehe

  21. hahaha, mesti lah study dulu
    at least kena habis degree :D

    oh ye, nama saya Farhana! ngahahahaha gurau2 :p

  22. @Lisa
    F munkin utk Farhana, who knows.
    dh jd contest teka2 dh.hehe.

  23. #munsyinakkawen <~~jom buat trending topik kat twitter....hahahaha

    wallahualam...its nice to have this kind of dream...apapun, jodoh itu di tangan Allah yg telah ditentukan sebelum kita lahir lagi....jadinya nanti, if u find 'not-miss-F'....jangan plak reject nak kawen sebab tunggu ur 'miss-F'....hahahaha

    p/s: weh, buka commenter identity Name/URL plz :)

  24. @Hurul noona
    kalo leh jd trending topic mmg mantap la.hehe

    betul. Kalau jodoh dgn orang lain, insyaAllah tak tolak.Oh. byk kena settle kn sblum pikir kawen sume ni. hehe

    dh bukak.lupe nk bukak aritu.

  25. pilihan ibu ayah pasti mendapat keredhaanNya

  26. Betul.tp kena tgk background ibubapa jgak. :)

  27. pergh.. ingatkan citer betol tadi=
    nice one, bro~
    perempuan yang baik untuk laki yang baik.. bak kata penyanyi nickelback, "there's gotta be somebody for me out there~".. moga kita semua berjaya menemui pasangan hidup masing2.. ;)

    *still searching mode*

  28. wakakakkaakkakka



    is it fatin??

    ahaks kahkahkahkah

    p/s : sometimes, the signs will guide us to it coincidently;)

  29. @kyo
    Betul. Tu kna jd baik utk dpt pmpuan baik.Hmm. Ape searching2 lg bro.Kawin je dgn org Jepun.hehe.Dpt pahala ajak org knal & masuk Islam lg. :)

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. hehe.

  30. Shu'bah,let me be ur pengapit time kawin nnti ek?Hehe,,kot2 la ana jmpa jodoh d situ.

    mmg suspen cerita nta..Nta bnyk baca novel ramlee awang mursyid ke?hehe..

  31. Pengapit?Adik ana ada 5org. xkn nk susahkn nta lak. Ana leh carikn jodoh nta.kna tny mas'ul la.

    baca tombiruo dulu.Ana baca VT je. hehe.

  32. fuh...nasib baca smpai hbis...topic kali ni cukup provokasi...haha

  33. oh! nama saya bermula dengan huruf N!

    p/s : Good luck for ur exam.

  34. @Usop
    provokasi la sgt.cuma cebisan mimpi-mimpi lalu. hehe. amacam? ada kenal ke sapa2 nama F? hehe

    @tirah watif
    hehe.xpe.mungkin ada yg bermimpi nama N.

    owh, thanks ye for the wish.Tinggal one last paper on 7th. :)

  35. lol

    pernah dapat kot dream camni. kinda

    but never sees the face jugak.

  36. Masa tgh angkat nikah gak? Mungkinkah...nama xstart dr F kan?hehe

  37. haha mmg saje2 je kongsi cter F die tu... huhu...

    eh eh my sibling sume F tau.. cume bukan Fatin, but Farhatin. lol

  38. hehe. sume orang nk kawen dh, tu yg excited bile dgr cite2 cmni. Even kodomo2 yg suke kamen rider pon. hehe. ala, melepas la jd adik ipar. br nk rasa pggil kaklong. hehe

  39. the important thing is.. pray for the best.

    everyone wishes for a happy ending. but Allah knows best, eh..

    may Allah help you find your dream.. and may His redha be with you till the end.

  40. Ameen. insyaAllah. May Allah help you find yours too. :)

  41. Very cute entry. I learn something from u.thanks munsyi.


  42. Cute?Thanks to u too. Hope it will give something to anyone who read it. I'm very glad it did.


  43. well nak munsyi, aunty nak jemput anta gak, ke kenduri anak kedua aunty 5 jun nanti. If you can make it with hilal, it will be superb. Nonetheless, coming all by yourself pun, mondai janai yo! Dozo... itsu demo ii.

  44. Insya Allah aunty. ana try discuss dgn hilal cmne nnti kalau2 dia boleh dtg skali.

    Arigatou gozaimasu for the invitation. tottemo ureshii desu. Kandou shimashita.

  45. damn. ngatkan betul-betul tadi. haha.
    maybe 10 tahun lagi nama aku F. wuakakakaka

  46. =) hangat sungguh topik ni...
    dan makin jelas pula siapa gerangannya...
    apapun...yang terbaik ana doakan...
    well senior, moga terus istiqamah dan thabat...

  47. erk, dah jelas? mane ade. calon2 nye belum ketemu lg. hehe

  48. hehe...calon2~plural siap...
    tak pe..apapun ana doakan...

  49. hehe. tersilap. tu yg terplural tu.

    insyaAllah.Jazakillah. Ntah2 anti dulu yg antar kad. =)

  50. hai..mcm2 plak ana bc nih!

  51. salam..
    ingtkan betul2 la dia nk kena kawin tdi..hehe
    ingat, mimpi itu salah sebuah mainan saitan & hanyalah apa yang minda kita inginkan tak semestianya betul..

    tapi kalau banyak kali kamu dpt mimpi macam ni, mungkin jgk ni tanda dari Yang Maha Esa ~insya Allah akan ketemukan jodoh tak lama lagi =)

  52. gravatar ... says: [Reply to comment]


    ramai k0t org name fatin kat m3..
    nk yg mane??

    demo, daijoubu~ Allah kn0w m0re~

  53. @alyssa

    tau. tu tak percaya sgt cume tak salah mencari. Yang solehah dan sama name..boleh kan? hehe


    eh, ade ke? rasenye takde..not that i know. maybe tak kenal kot. :)

  54. erk..
    mimpi cume..ingatkan real..hihi..
    no comment actually,sbb dah byk yg komen..
    andai jodoh awk nnt mmg dgn gurl nama F,dh mmg trtulis olehNYA dn diberi hint via mimpi awk tu..
    ape pun,jodoh pertemuan di tanganNYA..


  55. hehe.dengar macam real kan? tp insyaAllah dah ketemu. Kalau betul jodoh,ada la tu. :)

  56. your story really amazed me.. you make me laugh! hee

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