RM 8697.25 in 2 days. Thank you all!!


Ok. This was supposed to be posted long time ago. Alhamdulillah, after the Talk, we manage to collect a total amount of RM5330 form generous IIUM comunity. A big thank you to all of you. May Allah accept your good deeds.  الله أكبر

Weekly Kuliyyah at Surau Engineering [Monday night] - RM75.50
Booth, Jumu'ah Prayer and Talk on The Cried is Still On: DO WE CARE? - RM5330
Humanitarian WALK: Urgent Appeal From GAZA - RM3291.75

and as at this moment, the amount is still increasing. Thanks a lot for those who support this project, and thanks also to IIUM community. The fund-raising is an on-going project. We are targeting to collect as much as we can even though I'm not much of a help

Kindly find our Haluan Palestin donation boxes at cafes near you. 

"May ALLAH bless you all"

You can also visit JC-IIUM to learn how you can help our Muslims Brothers & Sisters in Palestine or directly send your donation here.

Turkey's IHH Prepares To Break Gaza Siege With 20 Aid Ships
ANKARA, Feb 18 (Bernama)-- Turkey's Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) and the United Kingdom's Free Gaza Movement are preparing to send 20 ships in April to the Gaza strip through the Mediterranean Sea as part of a large aid campaign, Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported, citing the Turkish media.

Along with Free Gaza Movement in the UK and IHH in Turkey, organisations from the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Malaysia are expected to join the campaign bys sending boats, the Turkish media reported.

The campaign that is expected to start on April 20 is named "last port is freedom".

more news about this convoy. here and here.

note: two more weeks to final examinations. Pray for me and I'll do my best. InsyaAllah.


10 Responses to "RM 8697.25 in 2 days. Thank you all!!"
  1. keep it going..good job..congratz

  2. Alhamdulillah.
    You helped a lot to ensure this program run smoothly.

    Hopefully what we have done will be accepted by Allah as amal soleh.

    All the best in ur final exam..

    *ana x dak exam..hehe

  3. Salam,
    It has been a great job to all Muslim to always help each other. Congratulation and goodluck for your exam. We nursing student also have exam next week... May Allah bless us all..


  4. Alhamdulillah. Thanks all for your comment. Bersama cari redha Allah.

  5. thanks ya. Alhamdulillah.It's all for Islam and Allah.

  6. congratz...kagum ngan semangat anda...kalu ader ape2 new info or anything yg sy leh bantu bg tau ek..

  7. insyaAllah. thanks for offering your help. =)

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