9 amazing wallpapers for your desktop!


While we are at it, lets enjoy these wallpapers shared by miss lilacfla. Allah bless her and her friends for these wonderful artworks.


Wallpapers displayed here actually submitted to


Those are the hardwork of several medical students who dedicated their arts to Al-Aqsa and to Palestine.

You are free to save any of wallpapers that you like
and set it as your desktop background.
tips : click on image for bigger size and save.
May your small concern and deed valued by Allah Almighty.

Kudos to all designers of these wonderful wallpapers. Full credit goes to miss lilacfla

note: Really appreciate your effort of trying to draw the cartoon. Many thanks dear friend.

note2: week 3 of industrial training starts tomorrow. will we be able to pass the laminating section test and switch to other department? We'll see =)


10 Responses to "9 amazing wallpapers for your desktop!"
  1. cool designs with hidden meanings in them =)

  2. Salam~
    Good luck hun!

    U can do it.

    Those wallpapers are pretty cool thougj.


  3. nice design there you got. tq for sharing =D

  4. wow.. hang mmg prihatin la..ehehehe

  5. Nice and meaningful wallpaper

  6. Wow..it's pretty,
    i really like it...
    not only pretty but it has the message...
    gambate ne...

  7. salam..
    nice wallpapers brother..
    juz wanna let u know that i link ur blog in my blog... =)

  8. Minna san, you're welcome to copy the wallpapers thank you. Credit to miss lilacfla. =)

    Thanks for the comments. really appreciated it.

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