'Back to the Future Part IV' film


Have you watched the ‘Back to the Future Part IV’ film? I’m sure you haven’t because I just made it up. The sequels are just up to III. Ok. How about these titles?

Frequently Asked Question about Time Travel, Heroes and Summer Time Machine Blues and our very own XX-Ray2. Or anime like Dragon ball, Doraemon or Toki O Kakeru Shōjo (The Girl who Leapt Through Time).

Some of you might have watched them before. Good. I enjoy watching this type of genre myself. It makes you think throughout the story and gain something in the end. Not like some comedy flick with lame/stupid jokes or so-called action film with the same Rempit or Drift scenes.

Enough with the introduction, what do you think these stories have in common? Yes. All involve time-travel. Be it using time machine, a magic drawer (like in Doraemon), or supernatural power like Nakamura Hiro in Heroes. All for the purpose of traveling back to the past. 

So, why do you think this idea was created in the first place? Simply because HUMAN HAVE REGRETS and they want to change their past. You can ask around, look for people with no regret, even one tiny regret, I bet you wouldn't take long to agree with me. It is just a human nature. But how we handle it that matters.

From my observation, the reasons why human have regrets are: first, because we make mistakes, second, we did not give our best when we perform our task and third and last in the list, there are things that are just beyond our control like death. After the results or the outcomes were out, then people will start mumbling the ''what if', 'if only' or 'I should have' words.

"If only I call my parents that day......., if only I did my revision properly........., if only I did this....., if only I did that....., I should have read that chapters....."

My father used to say this to me, and it is still fresh in my mind, "Now you are given the chance to study,  so grab them. Don't let them slip through your finger because when you are older, like me, you'll have regrets for not taking study seriously." He never doubt me after that whether I study or not. But He'll keep remind me about my responsibilities to Allah, myself, family and Islam. When I called him and my mother one day sobbing about (I do cry at times because I'm a soft-hearted person. ^_^ ), he didn't stop me from crying but say this instead "I think it is time for my sons to start praying earnestly because you'll be needing His guidance and helps to get through."

So, let face it. We can never build a time machine and go change our past, our mistakes. But we can change our future. It all matters of whether we want to have regrets later or not. Let us strive for the best in this world and not to forget the hereafter because surely we don't want ourselves to be like what Allah the Almighty described in the Holy Quran. Na'uzubillah.

"(In Falsehood will they be) until, when death comes to one of them, he says: "O my Lord! send me back (to life). "In order that I may work righteousness in the things I neglected."― "By no means! it is but a word he says Before them is a Partition till the Day they are raised up." 
(Al-mu’minuun: 99-100)

note: my last paper will be on April 7th. Thanks for the Du'a and wishes dear readers, friends.

note2: For IIUM students, some have done with the exams, some are still struggling, wishing you all the best and may Allah ease everything for you.

note2: As I expected, people are interested whenever the topic marriage rise. Maybe we are entering that stage of life. Thanks all for the love. And some even guess the name of Miss F right. Kindly refer to the previous post's comments. Jane got it right. Sadly, no prize for that though.\(^-^)/


23 Responses to "'Back to the Future Part IV' film"
  1. +apabila tiada lagi dari DIA masa untuk kembali dari masa yang telah disiasiakan.

  2. Hmm..betul tu.Selagi masa dan kudrat masih ada,usahalah sehabis baik supaya x regret d kemudian hari.

    Yang penting usaha kita di dunia ni dengan amal2 soleh untuk kita harvest di akhirat kelak.Allah juga telah berfirman tentang orang2 kafir yang menyesal di akhirat kelak dengan kehidupan mrk d dunia ni

    *Pss..ana tak dak final exam.hehe.rasa aman sikit.

  3. this is enlightening. =) i'll link to your blog.

    sometimes i don't know what to do when i still regret what i did even after i've apologized and was forgiven.

    and your comment is replied~!

  4. @fobia
    Betul.masa tu menyesal pon tak berguna lg.

    @ukur kira
    Setuju ngan nta. kt dunia pon,kalau dh buat terbaik,bila dpt apa shj results Allah bg,kita akan dpt terima.

    thanks. glad to hear that from a teacher.Linked yours too.

    Whatever the case might be, we need to try handling those regrets carefully.

    what do you think about the post? :)

  5. Sometimes we have done our best, but we think we should do even better than that..can it be considered as regret?..no, maybe the best word to describe is unsatisfied (not up to expectations).

    Muslims should always look forward to improve in any way we can..though we have achieved 4flat, we must retain the momentum and effort to keep us at the best level. all the best for the final. the critical period for every students at the end of the semester.

  6. ingt 5 perkara sblum dtg 5 perkara

  7. @Atiqah
    Precisely. Ladies and gentlemen, that's your Dean's list student for previous semester. :D

    Betul.kdg2 manusia lupa 5+5 perkara ni.Enjoy life to the fllest katenye. Sedih.

  8. the past is history. the present is reality. the future is for us to create.

    it's alright to reflect the past. but don't let it drag you down. the future is still full of hope.

    >> miss listening to pck Mus' talks.

  9. ^^
    sebab benda yang disesali tu, tak pernah nak di hargai sewaktu adanya.

    contoh paling mudah.
    waktu solat subuh. malasnya nak bangun. qado jelah japgi.
    kul berapa tu? 8 pagi? =)

    tapi dalam kita tak sedar,
    yang mana subuh itu diqado kan selepas masuknya syuruk, sebenarnya kita dah lepaskan satu peluang untuk kita berada dalam satu spectrum yang mana diciptakan oleh Allah mengenai peralihan di antara subuh dengan siangnya.

    rugi kan?


    tudia! merapu dah! hoho

  10. apparently I have too many regrets in my life I feel like going back to the past and go punching myself on the face!

    sigh, but all we need to do is move on and try to live and do better.

    thanks for the lovely reminder, bro. and all the best for you exam :)

  11. @Humayra'
    True. We can still change the future.It is full of hope.

    InsyaAllah, you can hear his talk again some other time. He's with Cg Azizan now. Under ProCast.

    @tirah watif
    Thanks. Good to know. Manede merapu. hehe

    go punch yourself in the past will only hurt yourself in the future. hehe. Let's live our lives without feeling regrets and trying our best.

    Thanks for the doa,sis. You too. syafakillah.

  12. agreed!!yes most people regret their actions sometimes..including me.

    btw,i think i like you father!he gives best words of advise!!hehheheh

    ohh yeah,ignore my grammar sins..trying to improve my english here.

  13. @sophie
    yup.Thats why we must perform the best in any work and learn from the past mistakes to avoid any regret in the future.

    Thanks dear for the comment.It's ok to make mistake in learning.We can help each other to improve our English. :)

  14. I can see people adore ur father.they have been mentioned about him in this comment. hehe..me too, couldn't forget how friendly he is. And there was this story that my mom keep telling me on and on, about ur father said something about me and my brother, Ammar..hehe

    btw...thanks for the applause..(blush)

  15. Salam.
    Good luck hun.
    My doa is always for you.
    Come back to Cheng as soon as possible.

    Going to propose you if Datin give her green light. =p

  16. @Atiqah
    I know.He will keep reminds me about everything even when he's busy.

    Oh.I never heard of the story.Do tell if you don't mind.or I'll just ask him.

    You deserved it. A round of applause again.\(^_^)/

    There's some conditions though if you are serious zara.

    Datin wants a Solehah,good family background and most importantly,good salary to support me.LOL.

    Thanks for the doa though.

  17. i dont think he still remember..hehe, sometimes those who give wont remember what they give, but always those who receive will remember those who give. aiyaa... malu la if u ask him.its just nothing...some childhood memories..

  18. oh.I will ask him if he can still remember. Dont worry. I wont tell anyone.hehe.

  19. Solehah or not, it'll depends on people who looked at the person I guess.

  20. I guess so.I'll tell datin about this.seriously.eh, you comment out of topic.hehe

  21. there's a saying "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift...that is why it is called PRESENT" ~kungfu panda ^^

  22. oh I remember that. So true. :D

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