Boo! Loserpool!


This is not worth an entry but I want to post this anyway. It is just my humble opinion. Maybe you can take something from it. Oh. By the way, I'm not a football/soccer fan, I do play FIFA games though, but I don't find real football matches as interesting. So, correct me if I'm wrong.

Some commentators (I even googled this since I didn't watch the match) said that during yesterday's match, Chelsea played very well and they deserved to win. Manchester United defeated by them with 1-2 score at the end of the game. As an avid not-supporter of any football team, I didn't watch the match, or any other Football matches.

I find it very odd and sometimes even funny about some (not all) football supporters:
They watch football, they buy football magazines, they know the names of each players in their favorite team, but they don't like to play real football (like went to play football at the field and doing football related stuffs).

They are happy when their favorite club win a match and start teasing (Booing, Loserpool, arsengal and etc) other supporters but when their team lost, they got mad and start cursing at other supporters who act in the same manner.

They can wake up at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning to watch football matches but can't even wake up at 5 or 6 to do revision or tahajjud and Subuh prayer.

I used to think that only International students will dance in front of the TV when their team scored or won (I actually saw this when I walked pass them when they were watching yesterday's match). Then I remembered that the villagers of Janda Baik did the dance too. Or Maybe one/two of them. I couldn't help myself but to laugh at their actions. It's weird when you celebrate the goal enthusiastically like you are the one who score it and in reality, you got nothing in return. Satisfaction? I doubt that.

When they lost, they start setting fire to the Stadium chairs, fight among themselves and cause riot. It does not only happened in Malaysia, but also in countries all over the world.

Fan girls: Most of them will support MU. I don't know why.

Those who went to the stadium to watch the game which starts at 8 p.m, they arrive at 6 and stay until the match end. I wonder when they pray their Maghrib prayer.

A friend of mine (an MU supporter) used to say this to me when I went to his room to do revision together, "I still have a lot to revise for exam, tomorrow morning . But I need to make some time for tonight's game between MU and Chelsea". For the love of God, you can just watch the highlight. Priority man Priority.

That will be all. As I said earlier, these are just my two cents from my observation. Even as football supporters, we need to be healthy. Just go out there and play with your friends in the evening and exercise your body regularly. Practice the skills you watched on the TV. By the time you watch 100 matches, you'll be playing like them yourself. After all,

"The strong Mu-min is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak Mu-min"

Till then, Take care.
note: I told you I have one more paper on the 7th Wednesday right. Really hope for the best. Doing revision right now.

note2: This entry was supposed to be posted yesterday. A bit late.

note3: oh. and  one more thing, did I told you that I was brought up with Volleyball and Hockey. So, Football is out of the picture. :P



    28 Responses to "Boo! Loserpool!"
    1. owh football...sorry i'm not into it..until now people cannot answer my brilliant question, why are they chasing the ball all around the field and those people who watch outside are more excited and enthusiastic?

      but i'm happy to see one of my brothers develop interest in playing least he tried to play rather than just sitting and cheering outside the field..hehehe

    2. "Fangirls: Most of them will support MU. I don't know why. "

      xsemua kot. haha. tgk bola mcm tgk movie.

    3. @Atiqah
      the beauty of football lies in the eyes of the beholder.

      Oh, I got another one. Like in American football, the umpire tossed a quarter to start the game. and when it starts, the players shout to their teammates, "Get the quarter back." Get it?hehe

      Good to hear that. Another footballer is what we need. We don't need another cheerleader.hehe

      Ade satu fan girl ni bising2 xde tv kt umah sbb die nk tgk match MU.hehe.gurau2.

      movie ade start,climax,ending. Bola ade ke?hehe.

    4. Table tennis is better..hehe
      ur mind will work very quickly to respond to ur opponent's ball.It will develope ur self reflection.hehe

      Sorry,out off topics..

    5. akk tak minat juga klu tertengok, mulut mesti bising..hahaha..

      akk pn last paper 7hb ni..huhuu..

      jom kita sama2 berusaha!=)

      good luck!

    6. Hiking Nusaibah's tangga is enough for me.i don't need sport or playing FOOTBALL especially.hehe...

      But i love MU rather than Chlsea.don't know why.However,thans for the reminder:

      'They can wake up at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning to watch football matches but can't even wake up at 5 or 6 to do revision or tahajjud and Subuh prayer.'

    7. @Ukur kira
      True. thats why I'm interested to play table tennis rather than football. :)

      @Kak ZF
      hehe.tu minat gak tu.
      oh, same2 berusaha. fighting!

      Oh, I cannot imagine climbing those stairs. Too high. another MU fan girls a I assume.hehe.

      Thanks also for the comment.

    8. i am also man utd fan!
      sedih jam man utd sy da putus. =.=

    9. See.3 MU fan girls.hehe.

      beli br la cik nana.Gi UK lg.hehe

    10. I'm not really into football ! But when there's a game, and I have no choice but to watch it, I will for sure take side on one of the team. Doesn't matter who wins though.

      Most of the time I'm on MU's side. And I don't know why too ! LOL.

      Goodluck for your paper ! All the best :)

    11. @Usop
      xde Chelsea fans kt sini.huhu

      For me, when I have no choice but to watch it, I'll support the team which was attacking.I just love to see the goals.hehe.Another MU fans. :)

      thanks for the wish.

    12. Frankly, I don't know much 'bout soccer. But my little brother is a goalkeeper in his team and I learn how tense it is when the ball get nearer to the goalie hehe...For me I love watching my brother doing his stunts and stuff (as he catches the ball from getting into the goal hehe). I enjoyed watching him doing as best as he could to save the ball. I guess watching he enjoyed soccer make me fell like worth watching him play..^^
      p/s~ gud luck in your last paper!

    13. Shu'bah...i'm on the same boat as is not my interest either...

      it's like an obligation to know the players name..I fancy volleyball but the vt players name, i don't even know one....

    14. frequent exercise will make our stamina in top

      gud luk exam

    15. salam'alaik

      i was bloghopping around, and found this article:

      it reminded me of yours, hence decided to share it here.

      may Allah bless

    16. gravatar bajetserendah says: [Reply to comment]

      i got this when i play football:

      1.confidence.biar x berapa terer pun.
      2.friends sbb...ada dkalangan org2 y men bola ni mukenye bengis betul kat luar padang. tapi lepas men bola skali,kenal dan sembang2.baik betol mamat ni.
      3. friends adalah game y banyak body contact between players. tackle2 dan sepak terajang.tapi lepas abes match, kite salam2.saat tangan bersalaman antara nikmat bermain bola.
      4. kesehatan badan...main bola ad 2 strategi with the ball and without the ball.both of them memang dapat memeluhkan.

      sekian perkongsian daripada orang y dah main bola selama 14 tahun but still x terer2.

    17. @tirah watif
      the one and only Chelsea fan girl.hehe

      True. Watching someone struggle and doing his very best can lift your spirit to watch and cheer him up.He can be the next Malaysian goalie perhaps. :)

      Thanks for the wish.

      You only like to remember their names?weird.hehe. I know one name. Munsyi, the vt player who doesn't like to do heavy training.Dont ever forget that. :P

      Coulnt agree more. Thanks for the wish man.

      wait until your leg heal perfectly 'kay. hehe

      Thanks for sharing.the article is way much better than this.Maybe I'll share it her some other time. thanks again.

      Yup. Agree with you on all the points. At least you practice to improve your skills. Some people just love to see the game,they neglect their health.

    18. kenapa MU begitu popular dengan peminat wanitanya...

      pasal beckham la( MU memang bernasib baik tang ni).

      lepas meminati beckham dorang cuma kenal satu team ni jer kat dalam dunia!( tapi tak semualah... tu kat oversea banyaklah, peminat bola wanita kat malaysia ni bujak2 belaka)

      dan sebenarnya wanita penyokong Liverpool pon ramai dan dorang semua cute cute belaka he he

    19. LOL. Good to know. thanks for the comment ya.

    20. haha girls like MU and chelsea too!
      not cos of the game they play, but more to liking its players..
      why..cos some girls like athletic men AND handsome too..;P

      i'm not one of those girls, coz i only watch football when i'm looking for a laugh, or for something to shout at..

      i have a guy friend who likes to keep updated on soccer, news but he memang gila futsal, every weekend main futsal BUT his study entah ke mana..huhu

    21. LoL.Some girls really are like what your mentioned. But there's also who keep updated to this sports simply because she want to have something to talk about with her guy friends.

      Your guy friend, he should know his priority.Either studies, or soccer. If he wanted to focus on the soccer,fine,but he must let go the other.

      jut my 2cents.

    22. apa saya tau, bola tu bulat (sfera)


      never like football.i wonder why. haha

    23. hehe. I know why. because you are a girl. Maybe you like girly sports like netball more. :)

    24. since you don't know to play football, then u quit it right..but if you like the game then u going to play like the sportsman one..such volleyball..haha

      just to add here, whatever sports u like, then play it, do not condemn others..the most important thing is always let the priority first, i mean remember God, pray in time bro!!..this is what most of us always forgot to finish first, "coach said to come early man" "jap lagi la, still sempat kot"..that were the words that i always!!

    25. haha.I never mention I dont know how to play football, it just that I'm not interested in it.

      I'm sorry but do I sound like I condemned others who like football, or are you referring to the supporters who condemn others? Sorry for not making myself clear.

      thanks for the reminder though. If I forget about this, then remind me.

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