Everything happen for a reason, even if you don't like it.

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This post is the continuation of the previous post. If you haven't read it with the comment, please do so.And thank you very much for those who commented on the post

Back to the main topic. Actually the case was made up because one of my close relatives are facing the same situation and we had a family meeting last night to decide what are we going to do about it.

For those who know the case from rumors, let me explain to you about it so you know the real story from the correct source.

1. He does not know anything about the plan made by his bad friends. They never say anything about the plan to him. They executed the plan when He was in the car.

2. He was disgusted at them when they picked up those two other people at the bus stop. As He is a simple minded kid, He just look outside the window all the way to the town. He wasn't thinking the consequences at that time.

3. He's afraid of His friends so he did not say anything about the incident to the teachers. What do you expect from a form two student with small physique? and His bad friends were form 4 students.

I hope these will clear things up. Some might not understand this, just skip it. We (the family) have decided to accept the expulsion but we will make an appeal to the school to reduce it to suspension from school.

"Innocent until proven guilty"

His father said this to me when I argued the decision.  

"Everything happen for a reason. Let us look at the lesson learned from this case. If it does not happen and everything was alright, every one in the family wouldn't  have showed their concern about other family members like they do now. Everyone will mind their own business. It actually brought the family back together in this busy days."

"Now we know how those parent and families felt when their sons or daughters expelled without thorough investigations, even when we know our relative is not guilty in this case."

"We should also help the school to create a better guideline in making decision to avoid this case from ever happening again. Now we know how weak the system and the rule are"
Please note that we don't blame the disciplinary board for making such a rash decision. Some of them even argued the decision made. The head of the board had said that they were really sorry about it, but I think something must be done to avoid it from happening again. A proper investigation procedure must be applied just like what the brilliant comments from the previous post.

Look at problems from a different positive perspective.
We must always remember that Allah will show the reason if we look deeper at our problems with open heart. A problem or test is like a teacher just without the voice, but it will teach you a lesson and you will remember for the rest of your life. It is from Allah.

Read the full article about Allah's test here

I think that will be all. Let us pray for the best for both sides. 
note: took a day off because of stomachache and sleep a bit late because of the family meeting. Really glad to meet the family members.
note2: Welding is very tiring, and very hard too. But need to give my best. (^_^)


11 Responses to "Everything happen for a reason, even if you don't like it."
  1. everything happens for a reason, which is true and i dont deny that fact.. =)

  2. Salam.

    as i wrote in previous entry, rules are there. tapi takpe, Allah takkan menguji kita dgn sesuatu yang kita tak boleh tanggung~hope relatives kamu dah okay~

  3. membuat sesuatu keputusan tanpa usul periksa boleh memberi impak pd byk pihak..tak adil pn ada..

    tp betul la kata shu'bah,semua yg berlaku de hikmah di sebaliknya..

  4. @kenwooi
    Thanks for agreeing. Some people dont believe in that. =)

    He's fine. thanks to each and every comments here. He read it.=)

    Betul. Lagi2 kalau nk pindah sekolah lain. Ada ttulis d rekod dibuang sekolah. Orang sekolah lain dah la xtau cite sebenar. =(

    thanks sis.

    @cik Nana

  5. Pernah baca RAM nye buku yg tajuk bagaikan puteri tu? Jangan salah hukum tapi, eh.. lupe.. nati bile bukak balik buku tu, aku comment lain.. hehe

  6. @fana neechan

    adoi. motif sbenar komen ni?hehe. thanks for dropping by. (^_^)

  7. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    I felt happy mlm tu wlpun letih coz dpt berkumpul...nmpk sume family member were very concern bout this matter....many thanks to al of u especially my two beloved daughter in-laws..i really appreciated both of u...rasa lega after our discussion...pg tu pegi keje mcm biase infact sampai lbh awal drpd biasa...luv u all so much...Alhmdulillah..tq to my beloved husband.

  8. @Umi
    thanks a lot for the support. Love you too. =)

  9. every cloud has a silver lining...
    smg Allah permudahkan semua...esp for d one who involved

  10. @khalida

    thanks a lot sis.Tgh tunggu keputusan pihak terbabit. =)

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