First Few Days of Engineering Industrial Training ( EIT)


"Latex glove?"


"Can you hand me that knife"


"That's a scapel. Please give me THAT knife."

"Thank you. Ok. Everyone is ready? I'm going to cut this LAYER OF FIBER into two now. "



The above actions are the precautions for my practical training. Since I'm doing it in a composites company, or should I say composites factory, we need to put on apron, mask and latex gloves since most of the materials used are related to chemical. Fiber layers can make your body itch when in contact, resin can damage your brain cells and health eventually and resin can also damage your clothes. So, need to be  extra careful. 

So, this is my summary for week one, I still have Friday though and fortunately, today is holiday for declaring Malacca as the historical city, we can have our one day break from work.

They say you will meet new friend when you go to new places. Well, these are my new friends. Lovely Sis Nadia from Material Engineering Department IIUM and Friendly Bro Asze from Maritime Engineering UMT. Too bad we couldn't take any picture yet. =(

Week one: Laminating section
- Learned how to cut layers containing adhesive, resin, bla bla bla...(you might not interested in this info)
- Learned how to Venyl esther processes, applying CSM and tissue.
- Learned how to do the vacuum processes, applying net, breather and etc.

My problems so far
Not actually problems but these are what disturb me most:
 - Since Sis Nadia is the only girl in the department, she's having a hard time when she's alone in the department. And there's this one senior worker that keeps annoying her (or maybe this is just my imagination). And somehow I think I'm obligated to protect her since we are from the same university.

- Some of our friends (workers) are very nice. They will explain if we ask and everything. But there's others too. You might know how SOME factory workers act when there's a girl around them. But I think this may be temporary. She will get used to it or they will get tired of seeking her attention.

- During recess (10-10.30am, 1-2pm), some of the workers will smoke rather than having their lunch or breakfast. I wonder how they survived doing all those hard work all day long.

- My supervisor asked me what am I expecting of learning from this company, like what do I want to learn, see, practice. I have no idea at that moment but now I'm thinking of how it can help me understand the structures and materials. 

The Good things
- My supervisors, colleagues, a senior from UniKL are very nice. 

- I work from 8am to 5.45pm but we can pray Asar whenever we like. This means we don't have to wait till the end of our working time. Oh. Did I mention in this company, most of the workers are Muslims-Malay and the owner is also a Muslim. So, they will tolerate when we say we're going to pray.

- We got to learn new things in each department. The company is on a dome project now.

That's all for now. Tomorrow we still have new things to do. All the best to all my friends who are doing their EIT now. cheerio~

note: I still don't get what project we need to do.
note2: Now I know how tired and exhausted my parents are when come back home from work. My body system will shut down after performing maghrib prayer each day. =)


18 Responses to "First Few Days of Engineering Industrial Training ( EIT)"
  1. well,..u will get used to it,...our first week in the hospital was very very tiring,..same as u,..immediately after maghrib, i was just 'blacked out', but once ur body system gets used to it,..insyaAllah everything will be fine,... :)

  2. salam..
    At last..nta merasainya.But at least just during this short sem right?

    I've suffered the tiredness for the whole sem 2.Pergi construction site tgh panas2.Buat evaluation,meeting with contractors,client etc.Balik semula ke pejabat,thought can hav a rest for a while but,nope.Need to prepare payment etc.

    Itu belum lg ulang alik dari UIA ke Putrajaya by motorbike.

    Allah ja tau penat habis.Mmg keringat kita d perah to serve the system.Sampai at one time we hav no strength to work 4 Islam.

    Wallahu'alam.May Allah giv u strength and make it easy to complete the EIT.

  3. bila practical tu, berguna tak subject2 yg kita dah ambil?
    just asking..


    wat keje elok2 ek..
    all the best :)

  4. pasal sis Nadia tuh.. report jer kt boss.. mane tau dapat kerja tetap terus.. hahaha~

  5. I experienced working in a factory as a part-timer before...yep, I can't deny that most of them will smoke during recess. Unfortunately, most of them are malays...not being skeptical but hey~ tak sungguh tak kata.^^

    I'm glad that you did that... (protecting your university colleague). I hope each man is willing to look after any woman especially as fellow muslim.^^

  6. hohho... even tho my place ni ketua die orang jepun, ade r staff jepun 2,3 orang. BANYAK melayu cni. kebanyakkan mereka2 ni pukul 1-1.45 break tu hanya utk mkn ( n smoking). solat zhor n asar bebile masa waktu kerja. ( err.. ke mmg sume company cmtu??)

  7. @jepah
    Oh. my friends said the same thing to me and I think I'm getting used to it now. Need time to adjust though.

    It is tough. But you'll get used to it somehow. It also can be fun if you like to do this kind of stuff.=)

    @ukur kira
    Allah, tu lg kesian. Kalau ana, letih2 travel xleh. anta tau la. =)

    rehat2 dulu. InsyaAllah, Allah akan pmudahkn dan tgk amal anta.

  8. owh it is so good for those who have to take industrial training before progrm doesnt provide industrial training thus i dont get an exposure of the real world in the working experience.

  9. @cik nana
    kalau bidang yg kite praktikal tu same dgn ape yg kite amek kt uia,insyaAllah subjek2 tu bgune. Kalau mcm sy, totally different. But still, ade yg same sikit2.
    Thanks for the wish.

    mmg slalu org laki cmtu. Nk report kt bos pon kite br lg. Tp rase2 lame2 orang akan biasa la. harap2 la.

    jd permanent worker?boleh mintak trus dr ceo company. =)

    Smoking is a must for malay workers. But not all.

    I'm doing what I can.I hope she's feeling comfortable to work.

    @hikari neechan
    Bos org jepun? Boleh la kamu praktis nihongo kmu. Sile critekn nnti ye..hehe

    kalau company melayu xkesah sgt kot. Wallahua'lam.kalau melayu pon tak bagi solat, something's wrong la.

  10. @Atiqah
    True. You get to learn and memorize new things when you do a hands-on.

    I think writing posts are like your training. All you need to train is just your interpersonal skills.

  11. wah.. macam cuak je nak mula LI..
    will start latihan industry on 3rd May, insyaAllah.. in a hospital. hrm.. wonder if it'll be as tiring.

  12. dear~
    u'll get used with it after this.
    I faced the same things before.
    Tired and exhausted everytime I came back from school.

    It's challenging, but I know u can survive. =)

    Take care hun.


  13. @Humayra'
    first day a bit nervous, but as you get to know other people,you'll feel more confident.

    As everyone said,you'll get used to it later.A bit tired on the 1st day.
    All the best~

    I know I will, thanks to u.really.

  14. gud luck with ur EIT!
    try to gain as much as experience and not a learning. especially the real life experience, itu lebih bernilai during EIT than education whatsoever. haha

    I hve done mine!

  15. @mekMizah
    Thank you for the reminder.I'll try my best.

  16. yup.
    memang penat bila balik dari ofis.

    lagi-lagi skrg dah kena pergi tmpat client.

    (minggu pertama praktikal berjalan dgn lancar.phew~)

  17. hehe. betul dah lame2 ni mcm dh biase sket. =)

    thanks for the comment

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