"My real name is Khan"


It is always hard for me to answer this simple question. "what is your full name?". At least it is when I'm being asked by fellow Malaysian, especially Malay. Because eventually, I'll only get another question as a reply like,

"Come again?", "Pardon?","what?"

The origin of the name

When I was born, my parent asked a favor from my uncle to give me a name and he decided to named me after the great companion (sahabah) of Rasulullah (PBUH). That's why I have this uncommon name for a pure Malay. My father last name is Kamil so he decided to make his sons' name spelling his name, K.A.M.I.L. 

F.A.Q/A when I told  people my name

"I think your name is a girl's name. I'm very sure of this!" (she even said this with a serious face) - the nurses at IIUM clinic (some of them even try to speak in English with me thinking that I'm an International student)

"I've never heard of your name before. Probably because I studied at a sekolah harian biasa not at an Islamic school" - Zara

"How do I pronounce your name?" - Rieandriyani, an Indonesian Blogger (in the end, she decided to call me Syin chan..LOL)

"Sister M...(while looking at the sister's side)" - a Malay lecturer in Kulliyah of Economics once called my name to give my midterm paper back. *sigh*

and the latest one was when I introduced myself in front of the workers in my industrial company, "Tuba?", and I have to repeat my name several times and spelled it some more and in the end one guy said to his friend "See, he has a japanese name". LOL 2x

Do I like my name?

Seriously speaking, I love my name even more. It's a sahabah's name and it's unique. Hope that my akhlaq will also be like the sahabah not just my name. 

"A good name given by the parent is a Du'a"

 That's why Muslims are encouraged to give a good name and for parents to call their children with a good name since it's a Du'a (prayer). I often come across names with no meaning. Our Malay Muslims community should think more when giving names to their childrens. Names like Don kodek instead of Abdul Qadir or Zani (which means adulterer). Check this link for more information on how it is very important in Islam to give good children names.

why am I using Munsyi-sama then?

Munsyi is actually a combination of my name mu + n + sh + i = munsyi. Sama (様) is a Japanese suffix. Making my nickname in the blogging world MuNsYi~SaMa.
  "Sama" is used in terms of politeness, and is mostly used for professionals like engineers or lawyers.
It is easier for people to remember my nickname instead of my real name, that's why I use this nickname.

So, what is my real name?

Some people do not disclose his/her real name in public but since my readers are basically my friends and family, I'll just write my name since people will keep asking me to repeat it again and again.
"My name is Mughirah Shu'bah"
 See. you just read it again to get it right. (^_^)

note: Tomorrow is the starting of week two for my industrial training. I should really get some sleep now.


32 Responses to ""My real name is Khan""
  1. wooo, nama! sangat unik!

  2. "I think your name is a girl's name. I'm very sure of this!"- the nurses at IIUM clinic.

    Terbayang nurses masa dulu masa enta masih bayi, jgn di salah letak tempat Baby Girl huhu ~ cuba ty umi ^_^

    well, ana juga "I love my name even more" .. kikiki

  3. salam..
    hahaha..I really like this post!Klakar habis!

    Ana rasa biasa ja nama nta.x susah pun nk pronounce.But, nama ni memang jarang d gunakan oleh orang melayu.

    Kesian nta ek..mcm2 org panggil.
    Sori aa if sblm ni ana pnggil nta 'shubhah' instead of shu'bah.hehe

  4. can i just call u....

    adik amru?

    jom join contest. 20 april ni je

  5. Hahaha.
    I saw my name there hun. =p
    BTW, it's seriously uncommon name for me, and that's what make it unique.
    Because u r the one and only my nakama with that name.
    I found bunch of people have the same as as me (while the way of spelling might be different)


    Take care hun.

  6. hi hi, ALL THE TIME I thought Munsyi Shu'bah was your real name :P

    Mughirah.. I would simply assume it's a sister's name too lol.

  7. Masa kls skill dulu,mati2 akk igtkn shu'bah ni international stdnt..tgk nama dlm list tp xtau mn satu tuan punya nama...kuang3..rupa shu'bah je akk cam ms tu,nama xtau..ahaks!

  8. i sangat suke ngan nm u n nm bro2 u yg len..sangt unik dan menarik..penuh makne..heheh..

  9. walaupun pengalaman x seunik nta, ana pn kadang2 kene benda y sama jgk,...

    y xpernah dengar tu mmg cakap nama ana ppuan

    pastu y non muslim ckp nama ana susah sebut

    last2 masa introduce mana2,..

    my name is mohammad,...cukup,...:)

  10. Mughirah Shu'bah is a mouthful to pronounce! Thank goodness for Munsyi-sama. Haha. I've always thought your name is cool, tho.

    Oh yeah, do friends call you munsyi or your real name? :D

  11. haah la.. memang bunyi cam nama pompuan ;) kalo ko datang Jpon, orang Jpon akan panggil ko dgn nama..


    cam nama raksasa dalam ultraman pon ade.. huhu, sorry buat lawak nama member :p

  12. I admit I re-read it again.
    But then, your name is real unique. One in a million kinda thing. So it it's good, nonetheless :)

  13. @tirah watif
    hihi. thanks

    tny dah.umi kate manede, mmg name laki2.hehe.Love your name

    @ukur kira
    Wassalam. Kelakar sbb org panggil ana sister ke? hehe

    Kalau panggil shubhah lg mmg nk kena la.hehe

  14. @joe
    aduh, xboleh lari dr bayangan abgku.hehe.Insya Allah akan join.tgk dulu joe.tgh praktikal ni.thanks for the invitation.=)

    thanks. nama kmu pon sedap. =)

    hehe. It's also nice to have similar names with other people.

    even if ppl have the same name as yours, that doesnt mean that they have the same sweet characteristics. =)

  15. @ilyani
    It's because I never mention it here before,it's ok, I understand. =)

    hehe.International la sgt.cume menyerlah sket je dlm volleyball skills dulu. hehe

    @cik eiyda
    thanks. Moga2 nama2 yg penuh makna ini dpt membentuk peribadi yg baik juga. =)

    Even yg malay/muslim pon nk sebut hudzaifah susah. malay yg asli la.hehe. Mohammad is the best name. (^_^)v

  16. @Lisa
    Cool? gee, thanks. Its easier for people to remember munsyi-sama or munsyi. =)

    of course my real name.Friends call me shu'bah/shuba/bah. hehe

    hehe.nama raksasa ke? boleh je la. No prob.

    Tu sbb kalau org susah nk sebut aku suruh diorg panggil shuba je.hehe

    thanks. Yours too is unique. I wonder what is your real name.=)

  17. i like unique names but with good meanings..and i came across such names when i was studying in Matri..told my room mate about this and she said i was telling her a lie..it is impossible such name could be a real person in real life (die suka bce novel)...until one day, i brought her to SKEMA V..just few months ago and she met my friends with such names..when we returned back, she finally said,

    "x caye de org nama2 sedap and unik camtu kat dunia nyata. tp dorg mmg wujudla.."

    about ur dad.hehe, still remember my mom told me the story..cant believe he manage to do that to his children.

  18. memang unik! nice name you have.. :)

  19. @Atiqah
    macam name dlm fairy tales ke? sisters mmg ada nama yg sedap2 & unik. Like the names of your classmates.

    really?but only manage to get K.A.M.I.L and then just put any names.=)

    thanks~ hihi

  20. hehe fairytales...no la, she found such unique names only in novel..that is why she couldnt believe they are people out there someone i know who have such names..

    yup..my mom always telling me stories about her sahibahs in Alor Star..especially about family makcik Bad..hehe..ur mom and family must have left her a great memory..

  21. Mughirah Shu'bah?

    first time dengar!
    ape maksudnye ek?
    slalu org panggil awk aper je?

  22. wahhh ade jugak orang kata ur name tu nama jepun... suggoii..!! best best...

    walaupun jenuh nak explain pasal pe nama camtu.. takpe, maksud best..

    but for me, if lect saja uji ape maksud my name, satu line je perlu jawab.

    Happiness.. *jawab dengan muka berseri seri sambil terdengar dengar lagu ARASHI yang tajuk happiness tu * (Tibe tibe je)

  23. @Atiqah
    Yes. Our school has students with these names because most of their parents think properly and asked opinion from Ustaz2 before giving names to their children. i think so.

    Hehe. Maybe she misses my mom and other sahibahs. =)

    @Cik Nana
    selalu orang panggil shu'bah je.Dlm blog org panggil munsyi. =)

    @Hikari neechan
    ye la. shuba lebih kurang shiba. ade ala2 jepun kot diorg ingat.

    jwb happiness smbil menari2 mcm arashi?hehe

  24. kau laki ke pompuan?
    laki kan?

    asal aku rs ko pompuan haa?

    btw,plain jane dlm jepon ade makna mcm nama kau tak?

  25. hehe. mestila lelaki, tulen lagi tu.

    mane ade namaku makna dalam jepun. Ni nama arab ok. Plain jane, mungkin ade, kot tp bukan mcm namaku la.hehe

  26. panggil munsyi?munsyi shu'bah ley?

  27. panggil mane2 pon ok cik nana..=)

  28. Salam,

    nama yang sangat indah namun masih tak tergeliat lidah nak sebut..

    Entry yang sangat catchy..


  29. Wassalam. thanks for the compliment.

    tak susah sgt kalau dh biasa sebut. =)

    thanks again for dropping some comment.

  30. Semoga akhlak kamu seindah nama kamu~

  31. InsyaAllah fatin. thanks for the wish. =)

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