"this guy is damn annoying!!"

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Everyone has weaknesses or a bad side. So do I. Just want let you know n to know these facts about me.

I'm bad at remembering things
I think you already know about this. I'm not good with roads, names, or even the things we talked about in particular. So if I forgot anything, PLEASE remind me.

I'm bad at making jokes
For those who knew me in real life, usually when I make jokes, I will make fun of them hoping that they will laugh. Some people like it and some people don't.

I'm bad at relationships
Just name it. Friends, Family. Some people might say that I'm a nice guy. But once you get to know me, you'll know that I'm not perfect. I do make mistakes and I might hurt others' feelings without noticing.

Back in high school, I used to make fun of a friend of mine, by making bad jokes about him. It's supposed to be a joke to make everyone laugh but I think, for him, it was an embarrassing memory.

I'm very bad at reading people's expressions, body languages or reactions
Ok. This is very bad, I know. In any relationship, you need to know when to stop joking around as the other person's reaction is different than usual, you need to learn how to interpret body languages. By knowing things like these, you would know whether you've gone too far. Well, too bad I don't and because of that, I always end up making people around me more angry, uncomfortable and annoyed, especially those who likes to keep the anger inside and not talk about it.

If no one told me that they are mad at me because of any reason, I wouldn't know because I'm a bit slow at this kind of thing. So, please just tell me if I ever make you mad and I will do something about it.

Me with angry face. (-_-)

I will be a good listener, do not hesitate to tell me if you're mad at me, you don't like the way I speak to you, you have anything against me or if you have any problem because I would not know unless you told me.

note: You know how some people can find happiness even in small little things and be happy, laugh or smile. I found someone like this and I'm grateful to get to know that person.

note2: Please forgive me, dear friend. We are going to spend 10 more weeks together, so I think it's time for us to clear things up between us, don't you think so?

I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart. Please tell me what did I do wrong? Is it my jokes, or my constant nagging and disturbing or simply just me? Will you help me to improve myself?

note3: I'm tired of working already. (-_-")


12 Responses to ""this guy is damn annoying!!""
  1. rileks la weh.. nobody is perfect..
    kalau semua org nak harapkan kesempurnaan baik jgn jadi manusia.. bersyukur je dgn apa yang ada..

    tak semua orang boleh menerima kelebihan dgn kekurangan kita

  2. no one is perfect, but we can improve ourselves. insyaAllah :)

  3. cheer up senpai..
    sometimes we think too much that we have done wrong or we did make others feel bad thus they reacted that ways..but who knows, it is just a misunderstanding..perhaps they have their own personal problem which u dont know and end up throwing u that face of annoying..it is just about wrong time and wrong place sometimes to make a joke..

    nobody's perfect..this is the time to learn forgive and accept others..to respect and understand others..u r just a step ahead into the working field..u might see these kinds of attitude again or worse than this..so, this is a platform to learn and ponder of what to do in future..

    sorry for such a long comments and sorry if it is not much of help..

  4. well, everyone ada strengths & wekanesses kan :) mari sama2 improve diri kita~

  5. gaduh ngan org tmpt krje praktikal ke?? sabaq na.. 10 mgu je lagi..

  6. rilek bro..
    dunia ini indah dengan ada nyer kesilapan2 tuh.. kalo sumer nyer perfect jer, xde cabaran langsung ntk hidup kerana manusia x akan belajar erti kehidupan dengan lebih teliti..

    p/s kite berkongsi banyak kelemahan gak ek~ ;)

  7. yeah, agree with all the comments here. nobody perfect. u know who u r. just be urself and keep trying to be good to others people too but jangan pakse sangat ;)

  8. @rucci
    tapi kena berusaha jadi manusia tbaik kan?kalau bersalah boleh minta maaf dsb.

    Tapi betulla bukan semua boleh terima kekurangan kite. Thanks =)

    @Alynn Notnot
    True. That's why I need to know where were my mistakes again. I want to improve. Thanks for the comment.

    right on! Sometimes I do think too much but I'm not sure whether it is a misunderstanding or not. But he/she needs to tell me. -_-

    yup. but sometimes we forgot that.

  9. @cik arieza
    Betul2.mmg nk try to improve la ni.Tp kna tau kt mane yg perlu diimprove. (^^)

    @Fana neechan
    Yup. tp xnk la xbtegur sapa smpai 10 minggu. huhu

    @kyo san
    Betul ayat pujangga ko. tpikir sebentar.

    eh, samekah? ku lagi teruk kot.hehe

    Thanks for the reminder. memang xpakse diri utk sedapkn hati org tp sometimes we need to take care of their feelings too.

    thanks again for the comment.

  10. Assalamualaikum.Pada saya,kalau perfect sangat pun,hidup akan jadi bosan.Tak apalah Munsyi.Jadilah diri sendiri and dalam masa yg sama try to be a better man.:)

  11. InsyaAllah. I'll try to be a better person.thanks ye.

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