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Uniquely Singapore. Picture courtesy of

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." 

Remember back in 2008 when I told you about my one-day one-night trip to Singapore. It was a good experience even for just a short period. As you might heard, Singapore is a highly developed country  and  believe it or not it is smaller than our smallest state, Perlis. The houses, buildings,  roads and etc, were very well-planned like those in Putrajaya and because of that reason, they (along with Malaysia and Brunei) became the most developed country in South-east Asia. Oh. and do you know that the port of Singapore is the busiest transshipment and container port in the world, and is an important transportation and shipping hub in Southeast Asia?

If you are planning to go to Singapore sometime in the future, I recommend you to visit their Mosques. Not only they have beautiful mosques, but each of them carry different roles to the community (Muslims and non-Muslims) around them. Some of them are Islamic Centre to explain the misunderstanding about Islam to all, Islamic schools, Tahfiz and many more.

Many other interesting and beautiful places include the Merlion, Marina Bay and shopping complexes. And always bear in mind that the customs authorities are very strict. Certain food products and vegetables are not allowed to be taken out or into the country. You might get caught or fine if you brought along those items. I think it's better experience it yourself. After all, the use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.

Get a refund of 1 dollar for your ticket.

Mat dispatcher's motorbike.
McD Delivery Man
Longest bus I've ever seen

Their driving schools use this car. Nice.

Until now I couldn't understand their road rules at a junction. Weird how it works.

And the highlight for this entry. The Masjids.

Masjid Sultan
Masjid An-Nahdhah has a Harmony Centre to explain about Islam for Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Masjid Ar-Raudhah: We stayed here last time.

They have Darul Quran program at this Masjid Kampung Singlap
note: I am supposed to join another trip to places just like this one at the end of this semester but alas, due to my (so-called) busy schedule, I can't join them and they couldn't afford to plan another trip for everyone in the HQ. They have planned to go to Terengganu this time to enjoy the 'candat sotong' (squid cathcing) activity, but I think they cancelled it, (or did they go, I'm not sure).

note2: I decided not to join the Volleyball tournament tomorrow in Temerloh, Pahang and also the MASUM games in Arau, Perlis. Sorry teammates. I have my reason. My EIT starts this coming Monday April 12th and I need to prepare few things beforehand. (-_-")

note3: Checked the location of the company, where I'm going to undergo the training, after Friday Prayer. It is a big company near Batu Berendam Airport manufacturing 'Kubah' and Boats using composites. By the way, anyone know the girl who is also going to do practical training with me at this company? Nadia Samsudin from Material deparment.


17 Responses to "Travel: Uniquely Singapore"
  1. :) ahak.i did one went to was my first time and i travel alone without any map .tsk.T_T

  2. nice! :)
    I went there back in 2005 with family. everything suddenly got expensive in the SG dollars :P but I liked how well its public transport system is. all cars on the roads are new. one more, almost no motorbikes/kapcai/rempit pun kat roadways tu!

  3. singapore?
    hmm... setiap kali g singapore atas urusan ziarah keluarga jer, x pernah terpikir ntk lepak2 kt situ.. ;)

  4. sharing is.... caring
    eventhough i already went to korea and taiwan, but never been to singapore

  5. @Cik irah
    wow. you must be very good with MRTs. I mean the stations were so many and the MRT map were so confusing, I decided to just follow my Singaporean friend. Or else I'll be lost. No handphone some more. :)

    So true. their transportation systems are so efficient even for the buses from Larkin, Johor to Singapore.

    @kyo san
    tapi some places are nice right? Kalau dah biasa pegi mungkin tak rasa sgt kot. hehe

  6. thanks for the suggestion in my previous entry..i have answered ur comment.

    traveling is one thing, money is another thing...huhuhu (duit lg)

    it is a good experience indeed. How i wish i can go to that 'place' for knowledge and experience..back to Malaysia and bring changes to the family.

  7. @joegrimjow
    I bet you never set your foot in Thailand or Indonesia also.LOL

    No problem. Eventhough I'm not much of a help.May Allah bless and help you insyaAllah.

  8. love to travel!
    will be going to singapore again on in two week's time, insyaAllah..
    but only for a short trip to a factory there, unfortunately.

    went to 2 masjids the last time I was there, yup, very nice Masjids indeed.

    then again.. we spend quite a long time lost on the road, despite printing the google map beforehand. so that wasn't very fun.

    ranting on your post pulak.. anyway, may Allah bless

  9. salam.
    Isk3...sedih ana shu'bah.mana gambar ana?ana kan join jaulah tu.hehe..

    Kali ni tak jadi p terengganu la.ada pgrm lain yang mmerlukan kita.hehe

    Insya Allah nnti akan di rancang semula jaulah kita.

  10. wow SG..bila enth nk SG ni..nk jumpe si lyshabella..hehe =)

  11. i want to go to singapore too!
    the farthest i've ever went is to segamat,johor..hehe

  12. @humayra'
    how exciting.even to the factory. This time with the help from someone like you who have been there, they won't get lost. Allah bless you too.

    @ukur kira
    wassalam. ade la gamba nta. kt dlm gamba mang tgh tunjuk 1dollar tu. kt blakang la. hehe.

    owh. br tau.ingat sbb ana xikut diorg cancel.hehe

    @cik eiyda
    oh. die dok SG ek?xtau plak. :)

    One day you will.hehe

  13. mmg teringin nak gi SG, lagi skang ada Universal Studio..

    tp bapak aku cakap dulu masa aku lom kenal dunia ni,dia selalu bawak gi SG..waa, time aku kecik2 mana la aku tahu...

    *muka cam sentap je dalam MRT tu..LOL

  14. i do like its MRT system convenient

  15. @Rucci
    Ak yg ni 2nd time. dulu mase kecik2 first time. tp xingat gak.hehe

    sentap la.peminat amik gamba ak tanpa kebenaran.hehe

    yup.more convenient and efficient than LRT I guess.

  16. OMG. Our Kancil can never be 'dibandingkan' with whatever car is that. Pfft.

    Haven't got the chance to visit there, yet. InsyaAllah in the future ;)

  17. So true.I never saw our driving schools have one of that also.hehe.

    InsyaAllah.Maybe in the future when planning your honeymoon. hehe

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