Awesome video editing! LL4G


Remember this post about the concert? This is the video of the event captured and edited by Muttaqee. 

I think it was very well-edited. Simply entertaining. Just got the chance to share it with you guys.Enjoy. What do you think?


8 Responses to "Awesome video editing! LL4G"
  1. Jazakallah atas perkongsian...
    tumpang semangat shbt shbh yang hadir...
    rindunya suasana berkumpul ramai2..

  2. Eh, is is the one that you didn't attend last time?


    Been ages didn't gather with lots of people like this. T___T

  3. he didnt use merlin
    can improve more

  4. =)

    jjust remebered, sahabat seuniversiti syahid kat sana masa balik cuti sem =(

  5. Muttaqee mmg berbakat.Sekali mcm tngok mcm style shutterspeak.

    Hehe..Well boleh buat wedding filmgraphy nih..

  6. There's a SEVEN WORDS challenge up my blog! Come play~!

  7. wow..i'm impressed..i like movie editing too but still there are lots of things and skills to learn..muttaqee did a very great job..well done..

    the video is indeed an awesome work..

  8. @sinar
    same2. ana pon xdpt pegi gak haritu.

    yup. You should try to go. It'll lift up ur spirit n you are not gonna be bothered by small problems anymore.

    IDK bout that. but thanks anyway

    hmm, shbt dr Palestine tu dr UIA ke? Kamu pon?

    @Ukur kira
    nta pon boleh kalo nta ade mase nk wat kan..huhu

    @Teacher Nani
    I just went and read some of them. sorry for not joining th game. thanks anyway.

    I think he used his Mac too edit this video. Other than that, maybe his photography skill that helps making it an awesome work.

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