Updated!! Breaking News: Malaysian and Indonesian join hand in hand

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you.

Do read this post and this post first.

Done? Ok. At this moment, after the delay for two days, the cargo ships had started their journey to Gaza strip at 5.30p.m. Malaysian Time. These are the details about the ships involved in the convoy to send the humanitarian aid:

The boats

• Four cargo ships
• Four passenger ships
• Coming from Turkey, Greece, Ireland

On board

• 700 to 800 peace activists and MPs from more than 40 countries
• 10,000 tonnes of supplies, including:

• Cement
• Generators
• Water purification equipment
• 20 tonnes of paper for schools
• Prefabricated homes
• $1m (£700,000) of medical equipment, including: CAT scanners' wheelchairs, crutches
• A complete dental surgery, including drills and a chair
• Sports equipment, including footballs and basketballs
• Crayons and pens
• Chocolate

Paid for

• By donations, ranging from $1.39 from an individual in Brunei to €300,000 (£256,000) collected in Malaysi. source: DentistOnline

Update at 10.55 p.m:

  • 560 people had boarded the passenger ship which is followed by 2 cargo ships. Departed from Turkey.

  • Gather in the middle of Mediterranean Sea near Cyprus strip with all the other ships from Europe. 7.00 p.m. Still waiting for the ships to arrive.
  • These ships are expected to arrive at Gaza strip tomorrow, Saturday.

Reports coming from the Israeli Navy say they will jam the flotilla’s signals and communications, isolating those on board the ships, and barring the world from witnessing what could become a confrontation or prolonged naval stand-off.

The strategy of the Freedom Flotilla, however, is to resist any attempts by the Israeli Navy to hijack its ships or to divide cargo ships from passenger vessels.

“The message from Israel is clear: ‘We will stop you. And no-one can prevent us from stopping you.’ said Free Gaza chair, Huwaida Arraf.

“However, we will non-violently resist Israeli attempts to seize our boats. Thousands of people have contributed to making this flotilla a reality, and the people of Gaza are expecting us.
  • 16 Pirate Israeli boats are going to stop the ships from entering Gaza strip. They waited there.
  • Israeli Navy will try to seize the boats no matter what. Maybe they will use Helicopters and Commandos to do it.
  • Malaysian and Indonesian representatives are needed to be on a look out at several locations on the ship to prevent any pirates or Israeli's attacks while waiting for other ships from Ireland and Greece.
  • Challenger-2 from Greece undergo some difficulties with engines problems. Suspected sabotage by  insiders but not sure. The boats are going to turn around. All passengers are loaded into IHH passenger boats.

  • Gaza aid sail postponed till Saturday due to technical problem in one of vessels. Seven ships instead of eight. Read More

    They will need our Du'a and Hajat Prayers.  Spread this.Thank you.

    Update at 10.36am, May 29th


     Witness the current event from your home at this website, follow the position of Flotilla on the map and 
    more current updates from FreeGaza, Malaysia's Lifeline4Gaza and Indonesia's SahabatAlaqsha

    Watch LIVE coverage about the voyage to destroy the blockade at Astro Awani channel 501 at 5.00 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

    Check out the twitter updates from Lifeline4Gaza and FreeGazaorg at this blog's sidebar. ===>


    13 Responses to "Updated!! Breaking News: Malaysian and Indonesian join hand in hand"
    1. smoga tuhan permudahkan perjalanan diorg..takbir!!

    2. doa utk gaza.. ujian utk umat Islam di sana..

    3. Allahu Akbar!!

      Sama2 kita doa

    4. Thanks for sharing.

      Moga2 apa yang diusahakan berhasil dan mendapat keberkatan Allah.

      Moga mereka semua dilindungi.

    5. @aina, Ukur kira

      Allahuakbar. sama2 doa agar bantuan2 yang dihantar selamat sampai. InsyaAllah.

    6. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

      hanya doa agr mereka snts dlm peliharaan Illahi....Allahuakbar

    7. saat2 akhir Israel makin tiba..

    8. semoga semuany berjalan dengan lancar

    9. @anon, kyo, touyakaruma

      Ameen, semoga dalam lindungan Allah selalu.

    10. Dapat mesej berantai yang Israel nak letupkan kapal kargo Malaysia Indonesia.tak tahu sahih atau tak.

      Kenapa Israel dengki sangat dengan org Islam...

      Takkan Islam hilang di dunia....

    11. rasanya Israel xkan letupkan. Maybe they'll capture those activists and send them back home. And seize the aid.

      Moga Allah bantu. Dont forget your prayers for Gazan, Palestine and those who involve in the convoy.

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