Important Reminder for EIT students.Lecturer Visiting Lists


Check out the lecturer visiting list for EIT. Just for batch 062 students.

For confirmation, you may download your EIT visiting Lecturers List 2010 from EITU website here

The official date of EIT Visit 14th June, 2010 to 2nd July, 2010. However, some of lecturers will visit you early or  maybe later than the said date. Please be prepared for your presentation, EIT Progress Report and EIT Supervisor's Evaluation.

Note : Keep in touch with your EIT Visiting Lecturers. If they didn't contact you to confirm about the visit, contact them. Dr. Ari Legowo has contacted me today to inform about this.

source: EITU


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  1. indonesia I think. not sure. department lain tu.=)

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