Maher Zain - Insha Allah Arabic version [Islamic nasheed]


Remember this song InsyaAllah by Maher Zain I posted few months before. This is the Arabic version of it. Found it on awakeningrecords' channel through scromix. I like the way they emphasize the importance of believing in Allah when facing life's problems in the video. Kudos!

If you cannot watch it here, just check this video on Youtube. Enjoy. You can also buy it online from Inteammobile. Delivery restricted within Malaysia only.

"Turn to Allah, He's never far away, InsyaAllah"

note: I think I'm having writer's block. Maybe going to write about contests organized my friends.

note2: nothing else to write. (see!)


6 Responses to "Maher Zain - Insha Allah Arabic version [Islamic nasheed]"
  1. yup sometimes i encounter the same problem..have no idea at all what to blog takes sometimes to regain the ideas and skills to write..

    joining contest is such a great idea..owh, just realized i hvnt joining any contest for quite sometimes..huhu..

  2. 1st time dgr nama maher zain;)

    jenguk2 lah blog saya k;)

  3. saya sangat suka lagu2 maher zain...lirik indah, mudah dan menyentuh hati..

    Look around yourselves
    Can’t you see this wonder
    Spreaded infront of you
    The clouds floating by
    The skies are clear and blue
    Planets in the orbits
    The moon and the sun
    Such perfect harmony

    kebetulan pulak masa dengar lirik ni, tengah study subjek ekologi..hehe terus rasa belajar ekologi tu satu keperluan, bukan lagi paksaan.

  4. Menanti penulisan seterusnya dari Munsyi~Chaiyo'!


  5. @Atiqah
    yup. it's been a while since u join any contest. =)

    @Amar Haziq
    His songs are the best. do listen to it. Visited ur blog.

    thanks er, Maher zain said thanks/.

    @ain fathihah
    wah. bagus la. mmg bila dengar lagu kena hayati lirik2. kalau tak, xdapat apa yang penyanyi tu nk smpaikan la. =)

    xie xie ~

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