My first cheque!

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Assalamualaikum. w.b.t.

Yesterday I received my first paycheque (allowance) after 19 days of practical training in this composites company. What came across my mind when I saw the cheque was that the amount of allowance was very small comparing to what I got from my part time tutoring or my salary when I was working at the hotel for the same 3 weeks period.

Yes. It is indeed very small for me who am used to get more money but when I saw my colleagues (workers/operators) faces as they received their salaries, I am ashamed of myself for being ungrateful. Their salaries were not that much even after including the overtime bonuses and all, but they were still smiling. Some of them showed gloomy faces, especially the fathers, and my assumption is that they are worried the money they received are not sufficient for their families. And yet I'm being selfish. (-_-")

Then I started to think about the news, the factory workers who were retrenched because of the economic crisis. Can you imagine how are they going to support their families after that? The government has done its best to help them and I hope it works.

One of the workers, Farhan, amazed me from an aspect of doing your best to get something with your own hard work. He just finished his SPM last year and he work very hard with more overtime than any other workers just to fulfill his dream of buying a motorcycle on his own. When his friends stop to eat at lunch hours, he will go home and eat instant noodles, everyday. It's not a very good idea though but how he plan on buying the motorcycle with his own money without burdening his family is what that makes me respect his strong will.

Inside of the factory, Laminating section. Picture credit here
Morals of the story:
1. Always be grateful and thankful for everything what you have.

2. It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.

3.Striving your best to achieve something you desire will satisfy you. If you do not try hard, then you'll regret in the future.

4. Always be thankful to your parents. You don't know how hard it is to get that small amount of money for their children

And remember! your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): "If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you; but if ye show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed." (Ibrahim:7)

note: Joined the Palestine Exhibition today at Mydin Ayer Keroh and Freeze4Gaza for 4 minutes. Thanks to all who have donated.

note2: People think I'm a Doctor when I checked their blood pressure and do the blood glucose test on them. Even an amateur like me can check these things. (^_^)

note3: The exhibition continues tomorrow at same place. Do come and give your support.


22 Responses to "My first cheque!"
  1. Wow taniah! I'm happy for you!

  2. congrats on the earning.. and yeah, we have to appreciate what we have =)

  3. memang betul syukur atas apa yang kita dapat....

    Jom Tengok Afiqah Nyanyi

  4. i like the notes u wrote in the final lines. still remember how hard it was for me and my parents to get me into the Uni..1st UiTM Shah Alam, then UKM..(smpai demam2 cri duit)
    when I saw that, I can never let them down by not performing in my studies..i tried very hard and when i returned with good news (DL), i know i have made them proud. Next UK...and it happens again..

  5. @Kenwooi
    gee, thanks man. yup. thats true.

    @Mr. Definite
    wow, thanks. and thanks for the comment too.

    Orang kacak baru?hehe

  6. Teringat zaman masa first time dapat gaji masa kejer sambilan lepas SPM.

    S.E.R.O.N.O.K. hilang kejap penat. :)

  7. @Aina
    yeay.Dtg melaka leh la blanje..huhu

    yup. betul tu. =)

    yes. And they'll be very happy if we perform well. At least, they are investing in our future.

  8. @fatin
    Dulu SPM dpt gaji antar mak g keje naik kete..huhu

    Betul. hilang penat kejap. Jangan hilang gaji kejap je dah la..hehe

  9. waa seronoknya dpt cek!tahniah tahniah!=)

  10. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    umi agreed...sometimes its not the amount thats counts...but the experiences that u have gone thru...abah used to work in a factory b4...he struggled so hard until he became a factory manager at the age of early 30's..umi proud of x britau abah dont give up..gali sbyk pengalaman yg bleh..rasa apa yg org lain rase ..infact x da keje yg mdh...sume nya perlu commitment..but one thing 4 sure..we are happy n kita ikhlas..

  11. @ZF
    hehe..thanks..boleh la wat duit minyak..

    betul2. I'm happy and I hope I'm sincere

  12. congrats Shu'bah.
    Be grateful my nakama.

  13. thanks zara. always be grateful.

  14. おめでとうございます ~

    Omedetou ^_^

    berapa percent masuk akaun "wed preparation" ? ngee~

  15. minggu ni turun melaka. cpt belanja. hahaha

  16. nape x post skali gambar slip gaji tuh? ;)

  17. Congrats. May rezeki melimpah-limpah after this :)

    And yes ; be grateful and thankful for what you have and what you get :)

  18. wah wah..dapat cek dah..heheh... takpe2,at least dapat juga.. cikery buat attachment,elaun dari univ pun tak dapat..hukhuk

  19. @DS
    sikit sgt smpai xde utk wed preparation. hehe. duit yuran next sem dulu.


    haha..kalau xabes blanje lg duit tu leh la. =)

    scanner xde. malu pon ade.sket je. hehe

    thanks. and congrats to you too. dpt cek gak kan. hehe

    @cik ery
    tu la. syukur2.

    besa la tu, univ mmg xbg. ikut company kot. =)

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