Tonight is THE night! LL4G

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you.

This will be a very short post. Kindly refer to the poster below. This event will be held tonight. Do come to give your support  for our Brothers and Sisters in Gaza. 

They're human also and they have the right to live as free human beings, not like some prisoners in the biggest prison in the world. Read more about Lifeline4Gaza here and find out about the current news on the suffering of Palestinians in the genocide perpetrated by Israeli. Please do it now if you still have some humanity left in your heart.

Or, if you could not go to the event, will you please donate some of your money to them.

Thanks for helping them. May Allah bless you and accept your good deeds. Ameen.


8 Responses to "Tonight is THE night! LL4G"
  1. all the best with the event =)

  2. Alhamdulillah
    great event...

  3. @kenwooi, joe
    thanks for the wishes~

    it was? alhamdulillah..I didnt go because I went to mersing with my parents on a business trip, Im glad it was a success.

  4. harap sudi

  5. gee, thanks amirah. really appreciate it.

  6. i feel you. =) this is inspiring.

    and yeah, thanks for making me realize that i should do more as a person, as a fellow human being, a fellow muslim. good one!!

    oh btw, ig and nina chapter the second is out.


  7. No problem. I'm just spreading the word to reach out to our heart.May Allah bless you.

    Thanks. I'll try to read it soon. =)

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