Ummi, My very first teacher


"I received many messages from my daughter-in-laws and future daughter-in-law wishing me Happy mother's day but not a wish from you" she said last weekends.

I smiled. I know her. She doesn't really mind if her sons did not wish her or give her presents or flowers. All she ever wanted were our care and loves. So I said, "I'll post something about you in my blog as a sign of my love to you, Ummi". I hope she'll read this.

My Ummi (mother) is so amazing 
I'll tell you why. She and Abah (Father) raised us their eight sons with so much effort. If you have many siblings, you should knew how hard it is. She got my two elder brothers when she was still in university. Yes. and they were very naughty back then, my brothers. You can imagine how hard it is to have kids when you're still studying and managing your family at the same time. She has done all that.

My youngest brother, Fatih wasn't born yet

Ummi is a Teacher
She is a Chemistry and Science teacher at Munshi Abdullah secondary school therefore she has more problems to deal with. Students' problems. Teachers' problems. Sometimes she'll share them with me and abah since there are only us at home. and Abah will listen and give his best advices. I'm really grateful to have them as my parents. and also jealous when so many students wish her happy teacher's day.

and the list goes on..

Umi is a Mother 
Sometimes she would also tell me if she had problems with my brothers and daughter-in-laws. How she was worried about Naeem's sitting for his exams, about Fatih's and Basyar's studies in Matri, or about how tired Shafiq is doing all those works in JB. And about her daughter-in-laws who are pregnant right now. 

Abah reminds me, " a mother can take care of all her children, but you can never be sure that all her children will be able to take care of their mother when she's old"

Abah likes to tease my Ummi. He'll make weird faces in her pictures. =)

Thank you very much to my teacher of my life, Abah and Ummi for everything. Love you guys so much.

To the teachers in my family and to all my teachers from my schools and university, Many thanks for the teachings and endless coaching to guide me to where I am right now. Happy teacher's day.

Tadika abim, tadika Ummi, Sri Alor Setar, Sri JB, Seri Mersing, MATRI Perlis, UIA PJ dan UIA Gombak. 

and let me remind you with this quotation from Sami Yusuf's Muallim. The greatest teacher of all, Rasulullah.

We once had a Teacher
The Teacher of teachers,
He changed the world for the better
And made us better creatures,
O Allah we’ve shamed ourselves
We’ve strayed from Al-Mu'allim,

Surely we’ve wronged ourselves
What will we say in front him?
O Mu'allim...

note: I noticed this. My mother is a teacher, so as my two sisters in law and maybe my future sister in law. Does that means I need to find teacher as wife too? lol.

note2: There's some friends-bloggers who are teachers too. Zara, X-Po, Cik Nurull and many others. Happy Teacher's Day and may allah accept your teachings as Good deeds.
note3: I went to JPA interview after SPM to be a Mathematics teacher. If I pass back then, I would probably be called a teacher as well.


21 Responses to "Ummi, My very first teacher"
  1. tido la weyh! heee

    moga kamu jd guru jua

  2. sweeettt sungguh ank umi. RESPECT! I salute u ojisan! ^^

  3. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    my dear son...actually umi am waiting ur latest post..umi supposed it should be interesting...bla umi dgr n hayati nasyeed by maher zain about mother....umi rase sayu sgt....remind me of my late mother..nenek om...umi pun bkn ank yg baik sgt..coz ada suka jgk lwn ckp mak,mls nk tlg mak...dan byk lg....but umi mula sedar bla umi jd seorg ibu yg membsrkan 8 org ank...sumenya lelaki...umi considered
    yg plg mncbr ialah my eldest n my 2nd son...masa tu tgh bljr..but praise be to Allah swt..umi managed to get thru my degree...masa grad umi conceived u my shubah...masa kecik mmg shubah considered as x lah senakal abg2yg
    berdua tu...just imagine u can just sat down and played with lego sdgkan masa tu umi tgh buat xtra class...x kacau sket pun....umi jgk terfkr mungkin ur line is teaching...maybe not in school but in kolej or university...umi dpt lht ur strength kat bdg tu...tq to abah...yg suka kacau at times mrh jgk..but yg tu adalah part n parcels of life...mungkin bkl isteri shubah pun adalah seorg pendidik...dont worry..Allah knows best....n umi be always at ur side slagi jantung umi msh berdenyut...

  4. follower aku? meh amek award meh

  5. our mom will owez b the greatest of all mom in the world aite~

  6. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  7. really really well writen..
    sy pun adik beradik 8 org tp bukan semuanyer lelaki cam syubah...

    hope u n ur family will stick together forever happily until when when ^^

  8. so sweet to read ur mother's comment above..if my mom read my blog too, i couldnt imagine how she will comment in each and every entries..huhu

    happy teacher's day to u too...i've been a teacher before, but i dont know what went wrong because i dont see myself as a good teacher to my students..when i taught my sisters and brothers that was when I did the teaching part seriously and sincerely. Its enough kot to just be a teacher to my family..and my future kids..insyaAllah

  9. I saw my name at the bottom. Thanks for the wish tho.

    Bonda is a teacher, so as Abah. =)
    Proud to see how strong they're facing lots of things in teaching. I bet Ummi is strong enough too.


    My regards to her, wishing Happy Teacher's Day. and yeah, this is noble job and Allah choose us to be one of the best teacher ever.

  10. hepi mothers day to ur mother...

  11. ok jugak kalau ummi kamu dapat bakal menantu cikgu.
    bertambahla keturunan cikgu dlm famili ;)

  12. hye. nak berkenalan dgn si baju hitam tu boleh?

  13. nice post akh...
    mga Allah limpahi keluarga senior dgn kasih syg..
    InsyaAllah mga sentiasa jadi anak soleh =)

  14. Shu'bah..

    This is why u have to be a writer than an engineer...

    coz ur writing is brilliant man!!!

    May the blessings of ALLAH be upon you and ur mother, Makcik Bat..

  15. got to know your mom some day, hopefully..

    Be a good son to your parents, in this open world and may be good here but there is no guarantee you can help yourself and your parent in there..

    have a time to visit me in UIA..haha

  16. @joegrimjow
    thanks, LOL

    erk,jd guru? jd lecturer leh la. dh luar bidang guru tu.


    @bhah obachan~
    thanks dear

    lots of love to you too. I know I'm not a good son, but I'll try to make you and abah happy. Thanks for always being there for me.=)

    @miss havoc
    yup. very true. and thanks too for the award.

  17. @Mr Lonely
    thanks. I'll. nice blog too btw.


    thanks lyanna. hope your family will be showered with Allah's blessings too. =)

    she's very sweet right. I'm proud and grateful to have her as my mother.

    Just do whatever u think best. In fact, everyone is a teacher.

    yup. I hope you'll always appreciate them until the end of this life.

    thanks bro.

  18. @Amirah
    hehe. sume ummi yg pilih. =)

    kna bkenalan dgn yg tepi baju hitam tu dulu. hehe

    @sinar Islami
    ameen. jazakallah dear sis. Kasih sayang Allah ke atas keluarga kamu juga.

    Not as good as yours my friend. But i'll try more to improve it.

    thanks for the doa.

    @cap ayam
    insyaAllah. Visit u? I'm busy even during weekends. hehe

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