1001 inventions and the Library of Secrets (Video)

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all.

Remember my post about Muslim Inventions that shaped the modern world in February? Actually there's a video about it posted on Youtube on March and I just found it after been told by my brother, Khalid last weekend.

Just watch it if you have time okay. It's like a documentary on the inventions in the so-called 'Dark ages'. It is just a 13 minutes video. Press play and pause it if you have slow internet connection. Interesting way to educate your children about the Muslim inventors in the past.

Till then, Wassalamualaikum and bye.

note: sorry. Just want to share this video. Not going to write anything new. I'm worried about something and someone at the moment.

note2: Two sad news today. But one has been turned into a good news. Gonna share it tomorrow, maybe, insyaAllah.

note3: Friend, Nakama, Tomodachi, Kawan, Sahabat and whatever you call it. Always be truthful to your friend. Remind him always. Share with him your problem if you cannot handle it alone.

note4: Should have finish post about abah yesterday and about W today. But totally exhausted.

note5: Did you notice the FB fanpage at the sidebar? See? Ok. Good.


7 Responses to "1001 inventions and the Library of Secrets (Video)"
  1. walk-walk and follow... brat staggering through... penat tgh malam nih. buat lawatan sebelum tido :)

  2. I should download the video I guess.
    By the way, refer to Note 3, what should we do if our nakama afraid what he/she might tell will hurt us? What should we do then?

    1. Keep silence?
    2. Ignore and pretend everything is fine.
    3. Try to listen to him/her?
    4. etc.

    what U'll do?

  3. mereka sudah, esok lusa hari kita entah bagaimana.

  4. wah nais...

    ala2 harry potter lak tgk.

  5. @kyo
    thanks~ Enjoy the vid.

    thanks for the visit. :)

    yes you should just download it. for further reference too.

    thanks. enjoy it.

    eh, silap entri ni..hehe..btw, thanks for the comment

    @miss nadz

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