"Ala, kawan na'eem pun ada"

Assalamualaikum.and a very good day.

Still remember my birthday wish post to my brother, Ikrimah? Today I had planned on writing another one for my other brother Lutfi na'eem since it's his birthday today. But the thing is, he does not want me to post anything about his childhood stories. So, I think, how about I share his childhood pictures? Some of them are quite funny, a bit different from the current him though.

And yes, he used to say this phrase a lot  "ala, kawan na'eem pun ada". But I can't remember the details.

Let's just enjoy the pictures shall we. and can you spot me in these pictures? hehe

My wish to him on his birthday (June 13th)
- May Allah bless you my Brother with His blessings.
- Always be grateful to Allah on what you have, your brain, look, health, and everything.
- Always be a good son because Ummi and Abah are the one who pray for our well-beings and success in our life.
- Always be humble even when you are on top of the world.
- May Allah grant you with success in your study and life.

Note: InsyaAllah, He will be pursuing his study in Medicine, in United Kingdom. Maybe he will meet Senior Joegrimjow and Sis Arieza.

Note2: We are going out for dinner tonight because everyone, except Bang Am and Kak Nik, is here since it's school holiday.

Note3: I deleted my D.O.B on Facebook, just to know who remember my birthday and who doesn't. Just for fun though. 

Note4: And maybe I'm writing myself a post and put it in a time capsule (read: autopublish) and wait for it to be published. Sometimes I tend to forget what I wrote two months before.


19 Responses to ""Ala, kawan na'eem pun ada""
  1. Kamu semua muka sepesen tau~
    tapi dapat agak kamu yg mana~

  2. happy birthday to your brother..wow, so he is the one who will be pursuing his study in UK..all the best to ur brother..

  3. Oh, terlupa mahu wish Naeem.

    Selamat ulang tahun Naeem.
    Moga jadi insan yang cemerlang.
    Moga jadi doktor yang beriman.
    Jadi anak yang soleh.
    Ummat yg terbaik.

    Dan segala2 nya yg baik buat kamu dik!

    P/S : Beruntung kamu ada abang yang tulis post ni. =)

  4. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    x sangka mcm mana umi bleh besarkan anak2 umi seramai 8 org...such a tough task...but thanks to abah yg mmg garang pd masa tu.matlamat kami spy all of our sons akn jadi insan yg cemerlang dunia dan akhirat...mendoakan kami apabila kami sdh tiada...ank umi naeem lain drpd yg lain...quite attach ngan umi..apa saja mesti tanya my opinion...bsglah.Ramai org yg slh sangka..kata naeem garang n sombong..but to tell u the truth he is not..quite jovial n a big joker...it seems that byk gmbar tu ada gmbr shubah....mmg shubah agk close ngan naeem. -umi-

  5. amin :)
    semoga permudahkan segala jalan hidup beliau:)

  6. its my brother!!...haha just noticed he was in the pict..i still remember the uniform..how time flies, we have grown up and become someone and one day we will fulfill our parents' wishes. i can see u everywhere in the pict..hehe

  7. Tengok gambar2 ni teringat gambar2 sendiri..
    kejap je dah besar..
    Erm..sepesen je semua...
    Tak tahu mana satu...

    Mga Allah jadikan Lutfi antara mujahid Islam abad ini. Moga jadi duta Islam di perantauan nanti..

    Untung Makcik dapat anak lelaki yang ramai ni. InsyaAllah penyumbg tenaga utk Islam..Tak dapat bayang macam mana nak didik putera yang ramai sebab family ramai puteri..

  8. selamat hari jadi buat abg kamu.. wahhh.. nak berjumpa joegrimjow nmpaknya.. nnti kirim salam ek? hehe

  9. 8-8org adik beradik u semua muka sama eh. hehe. ada org pnah confuse x tgk korg 8 beradik ni? tersalah tegur ke.. da la lelaki semua. hehehe.

  10. waa.. banyak btol gambar waktu kecik~ ;)

  11. gambar no 5 tu muka fotostat betul. :P


    selamat hari lahir jugak kat naeem. Moga jadi orang yang beruntung dunia akhirat.

  12. happy birthday to ur bro.moga bahagia di dunia dn akhirat. my lil sis juz had hers on the 10th! :D n we've juz celebrated it yesterday..:)

    PS: Deleting ur DOB on fb is NOT COOL ojisan..T.T I dunno wen ur birthday is, how can I wish u good things on ur birthday? T.T

  13. Happy Birthday to your brother

    I wish he much pleasure and joyyy
    I hope all of his WISHES come true
    may each hour and minute be filed with delight..
    and many hapinnes and lovely surprise always come in his way.. ((greeting for him))

  14. Heppy belated besday to Naeem and happy becoming birthday or happy belated besday to Munsyi.

    P/S: pilih sendiri.hehe.

  15. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    Thanks to Munsyi Shu'bah a.k.a. bg Shu'bah y tulis post ni.nsib baik x tulis pelik2...hehehe..

    Thanks gk kt sume org y wish hepi bday..sgt2 dihargai...

    -Lutfi Na'eem Mustafa Kamil aka bday boy- hahaha..

  16. @Zara
    hehe. dah family mmg la sepesen.
    thanks for the wish.

    thanks for the wish. Yup. hopefully everything going to be alright.

    hehe. it's funny to look at old pictures and see how childish we use to be.

    hehe. close dgn naeem ke? close dgn Fatih ade la.

    terima kasih bro.ameen. =)

    @sinar islami
    Jazakillah atas doa.

    susah jugak ummi abah ana nk besarkan semua anak-anak ni.laki lasak2.

  17. @zoro
    actually bukan abg tp adik.thanks for the wish. joe nk balik msia dah la.hehe

    besar kecik badan je yg beza. ade je org silap panggil sebab muka i same dgn naeem. =)

    hehe. dah lame scan gamba ni. Tak gune je.

    no 6 kot yang same.hehe

    jazakillah for the du'a

    @bhah obachan
    say happy belated birthday to your lil sis too.

    No worries, I will write another post about my birthday ok> hehe

  18. @rie neechan
    thanks for the wishes and do'a~

    hehe. sy pilih wish utk naeem je sbb mine lambat lagi. :)

    You're welcome. nk tulis yang pelik2 xde masa..hehe

  19. Btw, guys, birthday boy says thanks for the wishes~

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