EIT: 3 things to be done before the end of the industrial training.


Been having problem pinging blog at GengBlogger makes me very lazy to write and to think. So I decided just to write down these reminders for me and maybe you can help me by giving tips and all that. So, next week will be my last week of industrial training at this composites company.

Lecturer Visit

"Salam sir, At what time are you coming for the visit this Monday?"

"InsyaAllah at 9.30 or 10 morning. Is it ok?"

"Can you make it at 10.30a.m because at 10 o'clock is the breakfast time and kinda noisy."

"or how's 12.30pm? because at 11 I'm visiting CTRM"

"12.30 then. Thank you sir."
My lecturer is coming this Monday, 28th June for the visit. I need to prepare the slides because we're required to do a presentation about the company and what I've learn throughout my internship at this company. Still need to add few more things to the slides prepared earlier by sis Nadia since she had finished her presentation and lecturer's visit much earlier than me.

Somehow I feel very nervous. Not just because of the presentation, but how the company's supervisor asked questions during Nadia's presentation. He expect us to know every process in details. Hopefully he's not around on Monday and my lecturer will be in a good mood to give more marks.

I need to put on good clothes, something like this 

Our latest album cover. ^_^

rather than this, the usual working uniform.

Supervisor Evaluation Form

Need to ask my supervisor, Dr, to fill in the form and give marks. Then need to submit by Post or Fax to EIT unit BEFORE the end of the Industrial training. I think I should ask the other supervisor rather than Dr (we gave him this nickname).

I don't want say bad things about my supervisor but when my friends from other uni gave the form to him, he said that they need to ask the supervisors of the department to give the marks. But when they went back to Dr. to get the forms stamped, he reduces the marks saying that they were supposed to get lower marks than that.

Final EIT report

I have approximately 10 days after the training finished to complete the report with the hard cover and all. We've decided to discuss the processes and what we've learned during this practical training. Discussion makes things easier, InsyaAllah.

For those who don't know about this, the date for the Final EIT report submission will be on 12th of July, 8 a.m to 5 p.m.


Care to share tips on how to do the best presentation? 
Nadia told me to put just points in my slides and do not take too much time explaining something.

How about you? Many thanks in advance ya.

and yes, lesson for today, 

Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today

note: alone today because nobody's home except me.

note2: My brother, Shafiq is having his registration in UiTM dungun today, so my father went to Terengganu to send him.

note3: Need to finish it all by today, insyaAllah.

note4: Got a DM from a friend, "Sy akan tutup twitter dan blog untuk sementara waktu. mungkin tak ada update dr saya lagi. Jg diri, iman dan hati kamu. Assalamualaikum~". May Allah ease everything for you. Write back when you're free.


12 Responses to "EIT: 3 things to be done before the end of the industrial training."
  1. 1st - about the presentation.

    I faced bunch of presentations during university time, since I was an education student. Make it simple, yet attractive and not messy. Point form is the best way and don't put too much words.

    Briefly explain only for the important one, and put other details that U think might necessary 4u and him.

    Practice before you deliver your presentation. I rarely did this anyway, but if there is time limitation, I'll do. ha ha ha.

    Totally remind me for my thesis presentation. The best and hard one that I faced.

    Good luck, and insyaALLAH, I know U can do the best. =)

    Note 1 : Take care of yourself, don't skip your meals.

    Note 2 : What course? I forgot to ask you~

    Note 3 : Go go go!

    Note 4 : No comment.

  2. my story..

    sis a from eitu: mardhiyyah, kenapa xdpt contact kamu..lecturer kamu bro athaur dah dkt kedah skrg!!g contact dia *sigh*

    dialing bro athaur..

    me: asslamualaikum
    bro.athaur: wslm wbt..ha mardiyah, knp sy xdpt contact awk?
    me: erk..hp sy rosak sir..
    bro.athaur: sy dkt kulim skang, sy nk g dkt kamu skrg..
    me: hah? alamak sir sy xwat slide lg..
    bro athaur: g wat skrg, simple2 sudah.. dlm stgh jam sy smpai..

    feel sorry for him..huhu..but alhamdulillah he seems satisfied wit me..^^

    p/s: kna blu hp baru!!
    always got stuck with last min works. eitu should improve their system, my original lecturer shud be dr. wajdi..poor bro athaur who got me right b4 his way to kedah..

    sory sbb gn bahasa sms..mls taip btol2 tp nk komen gak ~^

  3. hambik kau dapat tips dari cikgu zara.

    tips dari aku lak..relaxxxx....jangan buat muka ketat.

    Terbaru : Si Kacak Mengintai Dari Tirai Kamar

  4. hmm.. report, slide presentation, logbook letak apa yg u tau je. kalu xtau cepat2 la tanya pekerja sana... pas2 kan.. be humble :)

    baju?? pakai la baju yg u slalu pakai gi welding 2... nk lg best bawak lect u gi welding skali. hehehe. xde lah. pkai smart2 ye nnt :)

    gud luck shu'bah

  5. slm, as for my visiting lecturer, she was lucky enough coz we prepared a nice lunch with nasi dagang for her as courtesy for coming all the way to Kota Bharu to evaluate our EIT :P so there might be a bonus point for us hehe.. & also makes the session less formal + less nervous :)
    forget the lunch treat, seriously, presentations always go smoothly when you prepare enough for what to be asked, yet manage to deliver it naturally (jangan kaku sgt sbb nervous.. well, it happens to me anyway).
    all the best!!

  6. salam

    greetings from Perak..(mood at home what a lovely smell of mom's cooking while commenting ur entry)

    i never had the experience of presenting slides or reports for industrial training.Here some of the tips that I applied when I do presentation.

    1. put only point form on what u r going to present..dont put so many words on the slides..the examiner will tend to read the slides than look at ur presentation

    2. bring ur own notes in hands, this will help to add few points on the slides. but make sure those points on the slides are different from what u put on the notes.

    3. understand, memorize and practice the notes

    4. sleep well the night before
    5. present without depending on the notes too much. have an eye contact with the examiner.
    6. if u happen to have videos or pictures to show some proof of what u have been doing in ur industrial training, then put it. This will add some points to ur marks and reduce the boring atmosphere during the presentation.

    7. doa and tawakkal...trust in Him insyaAllah He will make it easy for u.

    all the best senior..u can do it!!!

  7. @zara
    thanks a lot for the tips. note2: culinary. :)

    @maru neechan
    wow..mmg tau lect visit sgt lambat tu. thankfully he's sporting. At least u got urself new Hp. hehe

    pendeknye ko komen.hehe

    hehe.name pon cikgu. ok. akan relax. no muke2 ketat. thanks bro. :)

  8. @naz
    thanks bro. amin~

    nk suruh lect i pegi welding la nnti, pastu ckp u yg suruh. huhu

    thanks aina.

    ok. I think i'm going to prepare a nice asam pedas since he came all the way to melaka. hehe.

    I dont know. not that nervous but still need to complete the preparation.

    thanks sis. :)

    ok. thanks a lot sis. very helpful. I'll refer to your tips and others also..

    thanks a lot everyone..pray for me ya. :)

  9. Maaf.Tak baca dengan teliti post kamu yang ini malam tadi.nak wish good luck for presentation pun macam dah terlambat.tapi still berharap kamu buat yg terbaik.

    jadi,untuk report tu.buatlah betul2. follow the format.:)

    Kawan kamu itu sudah kembali.Katanya,terima kasih untuk perenggn yg terakhir...

  10. @fatin
    Xpe. dapat buat yg tmampu,Alhamdulillah.

    Thanks for the doa.InsyaAllah, akan buat elok2 report tu. :)

    oh, ckp kt kawan sy tu selamat kembali. Tunggu post peringatan baru darinya.

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