The event that happened on FreedomFlotilla was inhuman and was an act of terrorists.

Assalamualaikum, May Allah save the activists on board 'Mavi Marmara' and the other ships.

Brothers and Sisters,

Imagine this, your beloved father and mother, or any of your family members were on the ships to send the humanitarian aid, medical equipments, food supplies, and other necessities to the people of Gaza, Palestine, and the ships were attacked by the Israelis Navy and commandos. What will you feel right now? Angry? Sad? Yes. I tried to imagine it and right now, I'm very mad at what had happened. 

I don't really expect Israel will take such inhumane actions. I thought they will only seize the ships and bring all of them back to Israel and send the activists back to their own countries. But I'm totally wrong about that.

"3 died and 30 injured. Israel navy and commandos attack Mavi Marmara"

My brother called me at work and told me about the current news. He's been watching the live streaming on IHH website from the beginning of the attack and said:

- the Israeli Apache shoot randomly at the activists on Mavi Marmara from the helicopters before the commandos descending from the helicopters onto the ship and start beating those who were on their way to take control of the ships. Some other commandos climbed the ships from their speedboats.

- the activists try to confront the soldiers to protect themselves, but they end up injured and killed by the armies who were randomly shooting.

- The situation got worse and the Israeli soldiers even use the live ammunition to shoot the activists.

- There were 1 submarine, 2 helicopters Apache, many warships, and speedboats. All were Israel navy and commandos.

- the live coverage was cut off then. The world could only read the tweets from the people on board. Later, there were no more updates from them.

We all know about the attacks on the freedom flotilla IHH ships. But what make us more angry were the statements made by the Israeli Defence Minister and the ministers:

- They are sorry for the loss but put the blame on the organizers of the convoy for not listening to their options: send the aid to the Gazan through Israel or Eqypt.

- They claimed that the organizers were well-known as the allies of Al-Qaeda and the terrorists. They also claimed that the activists brought with them weapons and war materials to be handed to Hamas.

- They said that the soldiers were only defending themselves from the attacks by the activists with weapons.

But the truth is these are all lies. What will you do to protect yourself from live ammunition other than using whatever you have on the ship? 

The youngest member on the ship is less than one year old and the oldest member is more than 80 years. Do you really think the ships will bring war materials to start the war with a baby on board?

Now, you watch this video and tell me who initiate the attack? The activists or the Israeli soldiers?

Let us see what the leaders of our country have to say about this,

DS Anwar Ibrahim urges response to the attack on his blog.

Tun Mahathir Mohamad said this,

1. I am horrified at the violence employed by Israel to stop the ships from carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza (read here). The ships are in international waters, yet the arrogant Israelis do not care to respect international laws and convention.

2. The claim that the people on the ships are carrying sharp objects is ridiculous. Are they going to fight the well armed Israeli soldiers with sharp objects?

3. Do Israeli soldiers shoot to kill people carrying sharp objects? The act is most cowardly and deserving only of brutes, not civilized people.

4. What kind of world are we living in when it allows a rogue state to use violence and killings against unarmed people on a mission of charity.

KJ has also voiced out his condemnation of the attacks through his blog. Now we are waiting for the Prime Minister DS Najib Razak's stand regarding  this matter.

Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Jerusalem, said the Israeli action was surprising.

"All the images being shown from the activists on board those ships show clearly that they were civilians and peaceful in nature, with medical supplies on board. So it will surprise many in the international community to learn what could have possibly led to this type of confrontation," he said.

This is the list of names of Malaysian activists on board.
  1. Haji Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin (Biro HALUAN Palestin) -Ketua Misi
  2. Haji Jamuliddin Bin Elias (Yayasan Amal)
  3. Dr. Selamat Aliman (Jemaah Islah Malaysia)
  4. Abdul Halim Mohd Redzuan (Muslim Care)
  5. Dr Arbaai Shawal (Biro HALUAN Palestin)
  6. Dr Syed Muhammad Haleem Syed Hasan al-Haddad (Biro HALUAN Palestin)
  7. Ustaz Alhami Husain Suhaimi (Biro HALUAN Palestin)
  8. Mohd Nizam Awang (Biro HALUAN Palestin)
  9. Ust Hasanuddin bin Mohd Yunus (Aqsa Syarif )
  10. Mustafa bin Mansur (MAPIM)
Along with the reporter and cameraman of Astro Awani, Ashwad Ismail and Shamsul Kamal Abd Latiff.

the wives of the Malaysian activists on Mavi Marmara

Please read the Press Release from Crisis Management Team-LifeLine4Gaza and Call From Gaza For Global Response To Killings On The Freedom Flotilla

Current death confirmed by Al-Jazeera is 9 peace activists (mainly Turkish) and many more were injured. May Allah put their souls among those who syaheed fi sabilillah.

All 6 humanitarian ships were escorted to Ashdod port in Israel. We can hear the citizen of Israel are cheering at the back


Watch Al-Jazeera as the world condemn Israeli attack against innocent humanitarian activists.

Don't forget your Doa Qunut Nazilah and Hajat prayer for the safety of all members on the humanitarian aid.

May Allah bless you.


14 Responses to "The event that happened on FreedomFlotilla was inhuman and was an act of terrorists."
  1. innalillah~
    may the whole world realize the true face of zionist~

  2. I've got 3Cs for the Israelis, Clever, Cunning Cowards!

    Seriously, they just do what they want! The ship was on International Waters, not on Israeli water, who on earth do they think they are to act with such pride and arrogance?

    And the western media is totally misleading. =.=

    Urgghhh!! I hope they rot in hell!!

  3. @kyo
    true. I'm glad so far the reporters condemn the attacks, by watching Al Jazeera.

    and they also claimed the activists initiated the attack on their soldiers first when actually they open fire randomly from the heli before they jump onto the ships.

    I didnt watch the news on the western media. Obama has not given his statement yet. So as Najib.

    will do. Thanks. =)

  4. Perbuatan kaum tak bertanah itu memang SANGAT melampau lagi menimbulkan kemarahan semua pejuang keamanan.

    Semoga Allah kuatkan hati dan iman keluarga yang terlibat.Amin~

    Sedih tapi gembira kerana mereka SHAHID.

    Teruskan menulis Munsyi~

  5. Benda nie betul-betul menyakitkan hati ... bantuan pun diserang ?

  6. Spread the word Fatin, touyakaruma

  7. Just hope the rest will be released~


  8. we not strong but we not wrong. keep prayer amin

  9. the BBC sorts of try to cover the real thing, talking as if the Israeli were attacking over self-defence. :|

    we're not strong but we're not wrong - I LIKE dat ^^

    we're not weak, we're just not united. :|

    oo2, hv u seen the vid the Israeli gave? u'd fall for them if uve not seen the real thing xP

  10. I dont really trust BBC, and the footage from Israel definitely misleading. I've seen that. But, I've seen the real thing (plus listened to my bros' story bout the live streaming)

  11. da one I've seen was actually sky news, soz.. but yeah - both r the same..they support israel no matter wat..:|

    here, if u want real news, u'll need to watch al-jazeera..

    I've read Egypt's opened the gaza border tho? :) dats nyce, juz hope it'll b for good.

  12. Israel breaching international law. aihh... harap sgt sempat tgk balasan Allah kt yahudi laknat 2.

  13. @bhah
    yup. the main reason why we sent the humanitarian aid through the ships is because the previous convoy viva palestina was stopped at the egypt's rafah border. Hope it'll b for good.

    insyaAllah. janji Allah pasti. semua kena bersatu.

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