Update on FreedomFlotilla: Good news and bad news (Videos)

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning.

Some of you might have read about this. We have good news and bad news. Let's hear the good news first.

Good News:

-On Monday, 48 activists were released by the Israeli Government. 20 of them were taken by helicopter ambulance by the Turkey Governments, all of them are Turkish.

- 12 Malaysian activists who were on board along with other 682 peace activists are alive. Alhamdulillah. They were released from the Israeli detention and sent to Amman, Jordan. Their personal items such as passports, cameras, personal computers were taken by the Israel.

- The release of Malaysian activists was helped by Turkey, Jordan, Ireland and Philippine, the countries which have the diplomatic relationship with Israel.

- Ashwad Ismail, the reporter from Astro Awani immediately contacted the news channel after the release.

Still Bad News:

- We are not sure the number of the peace activists who are still detained in Haifa. Further investigation was constructed to find out whether they assaulted the Israeli commandos or not.

- 2 Indonesian activists were injured and were treated at the hospital while 10 others still under the detention.

- The Israeli send the seized aid to Gaza, Egypt has opened its border, but we still don't expect much from these cowards.

More News:

Right after the release, Tn. Hj Noorazman said: "The Israeli attacked us without warning after Solatul Fajar, with rubber bullets but after sometime, they use live ammunition" (Video, 0:36)

Haneen Zuabi, a released activist and also an Israel member of Parliament said:

 "It was clear from the size of the force that boarded the ship that the purpose was not only to stop this sail, but to cause the largest possible number of fatalities in order to stop such initiatives in the future."

Ambassador Edward Peck, 80 years old, describes chaos on the Israeli raid.

and Israel medias justify their action by saying that they were just defending themselves. But we still can find doubts in their evidences. HERE

Israeli attack on Gaza aid flotilla outrages world, including Israeli citizen,

More protesters demonstrate videos at DS Khairunnisa's blog. Many other countries had protested against this illegal and inhuman act of terrorism. The first country was Turkey, followed by the citizens of United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia and others.

Remember, even when all the activists are released (which is not at the moment), the Palestinian still need our help, our donations, our food and medical supplies. Don't stop spreading the word and don't stop the donation.
Till next update, Wassalamualaikum.


8 Responses to "Update on FreedomFlotilla: Good news and bad news (Videos)"
  1. Even sukarelawan dibebaskan,diorang still dilayan macam penjenayah.Ikutkan rasa hati ni rasa macam nak sumpah seranah jer Israel ni...


  2. well my friend, still kita kena doa agar mereka2 selamat kan?

    baru sikit yg dapat balik~

    yg kena tembak, kena penjara tu semua?


  3. alhamdulillah that the malaysians are saved,
    lets keep on praying that all is well for our bros n sis over there..amin~

  4. subhnallah..
    politik zionis memang giler..
    rakyat diorang pon bangkang tindakan kerajaan diorang.. harap2 xde yang fitnah cakap semua rakyat Israel talam dua muka dsb.. ;)

  5. sama2 lah kita berdoa...huhuhu

  6. @Mar

    yup. tp israel buat damage control by let the activists in a new prison. Nak ubah persepsi pasal banduan di israel la tu.

    yup. same2 doa. Rakyat palestine yg ditindas lagi..

    insyaAllah, ameen..

    yup. ada sebahagian je yg bangkang, yang lain bersorak. kita still kena bjaga2 dgn israel.

    me too~

    @Sis ZF
    insyaAllah, ameen

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