What happened to Best Friends Forever?

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you.

I did a quick survey yesterday to know what are my friends' opinions about True Friend so I wrote my Twitter message and FB status like this,

"Whats your definition of a true friend?explain in simple word."

Thank you very much for the replies which are:

1. Someone who be your friend to please Allah (Jepah)
2. Someone who will jump to save you when you jump. (CikNass)
3. Someone who is responsible. (mieya)
4. Someone who is your friend for better or for worst. (rulduff)
5. Someone who you can share your problems, fun and excitement with, and give advices, because sharing is caring. (Azmira)
6. Someone who is too good to be true. (Maru Neechan)
7. True friend is a friend that exists. The opposite is imaginary friend. (Ijat)
8. Friend in need is a friend indeed. (Nuqman)
9. A true friend is a person that will say your face is dirty. (Ummi)
10. Someone who is there for you. (Lyanna)
And yes of course all answers are true and correct.

We all knew that true friends should have all these characteristics, and if not, we would not have called them true friends. But in this post, I would like to emphasize a very important point from all those characteristics that we always take for granted.

A true friend will tell you, your mistakes and give advices.

I noticed this from my experiences. Sometimes we are being too soft when it comes for us to give advices to our best friend. We tend not to hurt their feelings with our advices and end up not giving any advice and just let our friends do the mistakes and continue doing it.

The situation is like this, for example, your friend is in trouble because of something he did and he regrets it. But instead of give him advices and help him find the solution to the problem together, you back him up and said "you've done nothing wrong, it is all the other person's mistake" and start condemning the other person together. 

And you can see this rather a stupid act will only make your friend believe he is not guilty and should not change his attitude towards the problem.

Do you see what i mean?

Being there for your friend.

Not all the time like 24 hours but make sure you are there for him when he's feeling down or sad or lonely. Why? Because in these situation, if you are not by his side, he has no one to turn to except for himself and the voices in his head. Eventually, he will make a rash decision to end up his misery. You can guess what it is. This happened a lot to the girls because apparently most of them are emotionally unstable. Or he will make a stupid decision and end up regret it later.


A true friend is one when you see his face, you can see the heaven and the hellfire. Meaning that he will always give you advice when you faced obstacles in your life in a very best way not to hurt your feelings and not just makes you think you're innocent when in reality you are not.

And true friend is not just one, it can also be as many as a group of friends, which remind each other about world affairs and the hereafter. 

So, be a true friend, and together seek for Allah's pleasure.

My True friends. Takmil wa istikmal

I leave you with this reminder from my teacher, Cikgu Maimunah,

“Bila dua sahabat berkasih kerana Allah, maka wajiblah cinta Allah ke atas mereka”.

Thank you my friends, nakama, bloggers, and others who have been helping and reminding me all this time. Jazakumullahu khairan kathira

Till next update, Wallahua'lam. 



17 Responses to "What happened to Best Friends Forever?"
  1. Rasa seronok baca org yang ada sama kefahaman dengan kita.Semoga sentiasa dijumpakan dengan kawan sebenar~

  2. ayat yang last tu janjikan sesuatu yang lebih menarik

  3. eh. gamba 2 ada ucop n basyir.

    true friend mcm ucop ngn basyir. :) sentiasa bersama...dari skola smpai skarang..

  4. I always believe that true friends are "there". Whenever I feel down, I will be back on my feet when I realized that she's always be "there" for me.

    ^^ same goes to you~

    nice writing btw.

  5. touching la baca post shu'bah ni...trasa makin kuat ikatan kita semua...moga allah redha dgn ikatan ini...insyaAllah....

  6. i am all alone in this strange world and i really need a good friend to turn to..how I miss my friends in Matri and in UKM..they have gone through thick and thin with me.

  7. @fatin
    ayat cam pernah dgr,hehe. jazakillah. insyaAllah. =)

    betul tu, cinta Allah. =)

    hehe.diorg mmg rapat dr dulu tu.

    true, indeed. thanks for reading also.

    insya Allah. kena wat reunion gak ni.hehe. thanks sop. :)

  8. oooh. i missed this one :/
    been too busy preparing for electronics paper lol

  9. @Atiqah
    yup. I miss them too. I still contact them though from time to time. =)

    no worries. this just posted yesterday n it can wait. revise for electronics first. hehe. All the best ya.

  10. I couldn't agree more.
    and for me, friends are not always with me, but buddy yes.

    oh, wait a minute. So do my nakama, always with me tho (even separated by some reasons)


    Do take care & appreciate it.

  11. “Bila dua sahabat berkasih kerana Allah, maka wajiblah cinta Allah ke atas mereka”.

    I love Allah and my frens ;)

    Btw I agree with those answers!!!

  12. Thanks for the comment azfarul. I love my friends too. =)

  13. inspiring. thanks for sharing this. =)

    my definition of a true friend?

    The person who tells you how sucky you are at doing things, without really hurting you and telling you afterwards how to not be sucky anymore. The person who lifts you to the sky with just a smile when your wings forget how to fly. And the person who makes you feel your best at being your better self. =)

  14. mereka yg berterus terang,itula sahabat. kdg2 apa yg ditegur mgguris hati tapi teguran tu la yg mengingatkan kita selalu spy xmengulangi kesalahan.
    -sukala post ni :)

  15. True friend is when he said to u. 'ur face is dirty!' I like that. Baru aku sedar, aku mempunyai ramai kawan yang baik rupanya. [baru sedar.siyes!]

  16. @Sis Nani
    You're welcome. thanks for your thoughts also. really inspiring piece of mind from you. =)

    kena selalu tegur menegur antara satu sama lain. Lengkap melengkapi. thanks amirah for liking the post.

    @Cik Nass
    Bagus la dh sedar. treasure your friendship after this. =)

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