World's Funniest Jokes!

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all.

My brother Lutfi got back from KMB after finishing his finals. Being a bookworm student waiting for the result before he can pursue his study, he brought back all his books including his collection of Reader's Digest.  I browse through them to find something to share and I found this topic. It's the September 2009 edition of Reader's Digest Asia. I love to read this kind of joke that makes you think before it tickles your funny bone.

Let's have a good laugh once in a while shall we.
Czech Republic

A man calls a radio deejay and says, "I've found a wallet with a hundred thousand koruny inside. There's also a card that says 'Jan Ziegler, Seifert Street 3, Prague.' "

"So?" says the deejay. "What do you want us to do?"

"Would you be so kind as to play the man a song?"


President Sarkozy visits a steel factory. To the boss surprise, the president greets an employee, Morton, with a warm hug. The same thing happens when Barrack Obama visits, and again during Vladimir Putin's tour.

Unimpressed, the boss says to Morton, "I bet you don't know the pope." Morton shrugs, "We play golf together".

The gauntlet has been tossed, and the boss pays their way to the Vatican. During the Benediction, Morton slips away. Sure enough, he reappears - side by side with the pope.

Two Chinese tourists tap the boss on the shoulder and ask, "Who's the guy in white standing with Morton?"

Doctor: Have you taken my advice and slept with the window open?

Patient: Yes.

Doctor: So your asthma disappeared completely?

Patient: No, but my watch, TV, iPod and laptop have.

Joe, Mike, Mary and Tom were talking about their dream jobs. "I want to be a lawyer," Joe began, "so that I can defend my countrymen."

"I want to be a congressman," said Mike, "so I can draft laws to benefit my countrymen."

"I want to be a doctor," said Mary, "so that I can cure my countrymen."

"How about you, Tom?" asked Joe.
Tom thought a moment and replied, "I'd like to be a countryman."


A man says to a friend, "My wife is on a three-week diet."

"Oh, yeah? How much has she lost so far?"

"Two weeks"

That will be all. Do you get these jokes? Please smile, no matter how hard life treats you,Okay.

Till then,Assalamualaikum and Good bye.

note: Two more weeks before this industrial training come to an end. Happy and also sad.


17 Responses to "World's Funniest Jokes!"
  1. Still remember that edition :)

  2. i'd like to be a countryman. muahahah really got me LOL ^^

  3. gravatar aQeeLah says: [Reply to comment]

    "Please smile, no matter how hard life treats you,Okay."

    okay :)
    smile qilah smile..

  4. salam brother...

    haha...this entry is funny...

    it makes my day...thanks... =)

  5. ha ha ha~
    I like the photo more.
    That's so true.
    LOL! XD

  6. permulaan senyuman utk hari ni.
    thnx sharing jokes :)

  7. i like least it brings back the smile on my face..thanks

  8. i always LOVE 'laughing the best medicine' section in readest digest.. huuu lame dah tak bace RD

  9. suke gak baca reader digest~ tapi kdg2 jer beli, but i always read it online.. ^^

    sy pun tinggal lg 2 minggu keje huhu. gonna be missing my workplace...

  10. @rashid
    hehe..sile gelak

    @zala wajik
    Thats good. always read RD. =)

    ade prob ke? smile and try again sis.

    LOL. really funny right?

  11. @Fared
    Wassalam brother.

    gee, thanks for reading. Glad it makes you guys smile. =)

    true. thanks~

    LOL too~


    same2..glad it makes u smile.

  12. @fatin
    most welcome.

    my pleasure sis. Smile always. =)

    @fana neechan
    sile beli slalu..The articles are very good.

    hehe..bace online pon ok.

    hmm, same? wah, best la..missing the workplace already. =)

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    Is this possible?

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