Have we ENDED the siege?

Assalamualaikum w.r.t and good day to all.

A very quick update from me. An announcement actually. Journalism Club IIUM will be organizing a forum entitled 'Have we ENDED the siege' and our guest speakers are our own Malaysian activists who had survived the Israeli attacks on Freedom Flotilla. You can refer to my previous posts on this attacks.

The Speakers:

Tuan haji Noorazman
Chief Coordiantor of The South East Asian LL4G

Dr. Syed Muhammad Haleem
Trained Medical Doctor on board of Mavi Marmara

All are invited, students, lecturers, and even people outside the campus are invited.

So, have we actually ENDED the siege after the attack? you tell me.

See you guys there. Hear from the people on board of Freedom Flotilla yourself.


5 Responses to "Have we ENDED the siege?"
  1. alamak kat bangi laa pulak skg. kalau tak bulih pergi. ehhh sukati je. bulih ke org luar g?

  2. gravatar kyo_9 says: [Reply to comment]

    bro.. nanti tlg wat entri pasal nih ek= nk gak tau hasil perbincangan pasal topik menarik nih~

  3. How I wish I can go.
    But then, I believe that you'll write something about this.
    Must let me know ya?


  4. Agree with kyo 9.If u're going there,make observation and little bit discussion abiut this topic. :)

    p/s:invisible to everyone~

  5. @suaidah
    Ramai je org luar dtg smlm. :)
    xpe, lenkali leh dtg ea.

    insyaAllah.tgh nak ingat balik point2 penting smlm.

    will do, insyaAllah.

    u came right.hope u can write something bout it too. :)

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