August 5th this year..

Assalamualaikum and Happy Monday morning, August 9th.

So, speaking of this year's August 5th, to me it was very different from the previous years. What is it with 5/8, you ask? It is my birthday. Once you're 23 years old, it means you've been living in this world for 23 years and you have accumulated 23-years worth of relatives, friends and colleagues.

Firstly, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Almighty Allah for letting me breath for 23 years and until now in Iman and Islam.

My Abah and Umi for the love and care, My siblings, and all my relatives and friends.

Thank You very much...

Warm birthday wishes from people around me..

Why this year's was special? Well, one is because I received many well wishes from my family and colleagues via Call, SMS, Blog, FB and Twitter and secondly, I received presents from my friends. Thank you very much.

Frankly speaking, I don't really want to bother you guys into buying me those presents and treat me those delicious meals. But, since you are very sincere, I just want to say,

Thank you very much my beloved Family and friends

Usually, I only got the wishes, or maybe cards, or maybe just this..

My friend scribbled this on the table in class. Then erase it. LOL
But this year, I got these,

Books and a teddy..err

Bought 5 cupcakes, free 2 as birthday present. =)

oh. and by the way, lil Obachan sent me an iPhone and my junior Lisa include her birthday wish in this [post]. Thanks a lot kouhaitachi~

and, for this year's first birthday wish goes to this person. Right at 12:00:38, August 5th 2010.
Selamat hari Lahir, Semoga kelahiran kamu ke dunia bermanfaat untuk Allah dan umat serta hidup dan mati kamu dalam Islam. Amin~
Last year, it was my best friend, Hudzaifah at 12:00:09, August 5th 2009. 
Assalamualaikum. Happy Birthday. Allah bless you..

No present for early wisher though, just a big Thank You for the Doa and a smile for you, (^_^)

Since Ramadhan will be on Wednesday, I want to wish you guys,

Marhabban Ya Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, month of blessings and forgiveness~

Grab this chance now because you'll never know if you can meet the next Ramadhan Kareem.

note: Do read this post: Ramadhan Kareem is back! Will try to update about this Ramadhan if I'm free.

note2: Having the first test for Internal Combustion Engine on the first day of Ramadhan. Pray for me ne~ "If you want to achieve Kejayaan Hakiki, need to struggle harder Munsyi!"

note3: Enjoy doing Ibadah in this Ramadhan and be consistent until the rest of your life. a reminder for me too. 
p/s: Hati ini unik. Kadang-kadang dia berbunga, lapang, kadang-kadang dia sempit, sebak, pedih. Tapi bila relate semua itu dengan Allah, InsyaAllah, semua akan jadi indah. Jadilah ia hati yang hidup. Kalis Peluru syaitan.


16 Responses to "August 5th this year.."
  1. teddy?


    sape bagi teddy tu?

  2. Oh, Happy belated birthday... May Allah bless you.

    Nampaknya ramai kenalan yang saya kenali juga tarikh lahirnya bulan Ogos..... Satu kebetulan.

    Semoga Allah lanjutkan usia dalam Islam, Iman dan Sabar.

    ~Terus berjuang~

  3. Hmm, the 1st call on that day U didn't mention?


    By the way, as U said, no prize for early wish right? :p

    I do hope U enjoy the small gift tho. Personally, I never bought that kind of thing as birthday present to anyone else yet. Ha ha ha.

    Good luck for your quiz.
    I know U can do it well, just don't tweet to much or online or do any lagho things.


    Last but not least, Ahlan Wasahlan Ramadhan. It's time to gain lots of pahala, doing good and great things in double, triple, etc. :)


    May Allah blessed U forever and always. InsyaALLAH, the real success will be yours.

    Take care my friend.
    Take care.
    That's all I can say I guess.

  4. happy birthday munsyi! :)
    wish you many happy days ahead!

  5. Untk kamu:

    1.Umur dah bertambah harap kematangan juga semakin bertambah.Untuk diri ini juga.

    2.Comelnyer teddy bear tu. Pinjam bole?hehe..:)

    3.Banyak dapat buku.Jgn lupa khatamkan.

    4. Ramadhan nanti kita lumba siapa lagi banyak buat amal pada KEKASIH UTAMA.


  6. bear???
    The person who gave it must b so sweet rite? =)

    Selamat berpuasa juga...
    moga ramadhan kali ini memberi 1001 rahmat

  7. hapi besday... semoga panjang umur.

  8. ala...terlambat wish..tape kn?hehe

    selamat hari lahir...moga Allah murahkan rezeki Shu'bah lagi dan dipermudahkan olehNya dalam segala hal...all the best!=)

  9. ni la first time aku dpt pose sepenuhnya dgn family aku..huhu

    Rasuah polis atau tak? RM300 atau RM50? Pilihan anda?

  10. Salam, happy birthday and may Allah ar-rahman bless you.Dan selamat berpuasa

  11. お誕生日おめでとう!
    (Happy Birthday)

    wow, first time I heard someone received an iPhone as a birthday present! Congrats!

  12. seronok la dpt hadiah di hari kelahiran.
    wish u all the best..


  13. love the final quote. hati memang unik, indeed.. [i pressed the button like kat bawah tu bcoz of the quote, actually. I'm asking permission to copy the quote on my wall. may I?]

    happy belated birthday, may success be yours here and in the hereafter, insyaAllah..

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