The forum "Have we ended the siege" was very informative but..

Assalamualaikum and Good day,

So, my friends asked me to write about this event, The forum - "Have we ended the siege?". Since everyone must have heard about the real situation on board of MV Marmara when the attack occurred at 4.30a.m.just after the first congregational Subuh Prayer, I will only share some information which you might not heard from the news. If you don't know what this is all about, you can view my previous posts regarding this incident.

Our speakers for that forum were no other than Tuan Haji Noorazman Samsudin and Dr. Syed Muhammad Haleem Syed Hasan, the two person on board of the ship.

Tuan Haji Noorazman Samsudin
A full-time peace activist, chairman of Haluan Palestine, and the chief coordinator of SEA LL4G

Dr. Syed Muhammad Haleem Syed hasan
Head of the Humanitarian and emergency aids bureau of Haluan, experienced in giving humanitarian aids in Acheh, Padang, Sichuan China, and the latest in Palestine. He’s also a trained medical doctor on MV Mavi Marmara.

On the ship, before the attack

  • - Even though the activists can see that the Israeli commandos were approaching by speedboats, small ships and helicopters, they said that they were very calm back then. Maybe it is because they knew they are on the right side just want to give the humanitarian aids and medical supplies to the Gazans, not gonna attack the Israelis.
  • - They perform Subuh prayer and the Imam recite a very long Qunut Nazilah. 
  • - There were reports that the Challenger II was sabotaged by the insiders before all the passengers were transferred to the main ship, Mavi Marmara.

    After the attack!

    • - A 19-year-old Furqan Dogan was protecting a woman and her baby when he was shoot on the head, chest and abdomen. Usually, people who were shot in the head cannot say anything but this young martyr was able to make a doa before he draws his last breath, "Ya Allah, please accept my syaheed"
    • - The body of the 9 activists who died in the attacks were said to have a very nice smell, like some sort of perfume and also were said to be smiling.
    • - The activists were brought to the prison and the ships were detained at the Ashdod port before they were being questioned. Dr Syed, with a gun pointed at his head, was asked whether he likes Palestine or not, and he said this without fear, "Yes, I like Palestine"
    • - 9 were killed, more than 80 were injured, 597 were tortured and questioned in prison.
    •  - The activists saw many empty houses while they were on their way to the prison.

    Quotes from the speakers for us to ponder:

    "Humanitarian aids is not just giving medical supply and foods to the Gazans, but to release them from the siege"
    "In the next mission, if we, the activists died on the flotilla, we want you to continue the mission."

    "The attack is not just another current issue but was a part of the history in the making"

    Overall, the forum runs smoothly and was very informative despite having problems but there's one major problem to that. The MC was not well prepared. Yes, and the MC is this guy.


    By the way, a similar forum will be held in UiTM on Augut 4th. Check here for details.

    Till then, have a great weekend. 

    note: Thank you to all who leave a comment in the previous post. InsyaAllah, I'll try to do Istikharah and ask His guidance regarding this Perkahwinan matter.

    note2: Congrats to my senior, Asyraf Ridzuan who is the first Imam Muda. This show is a very good TV program which has been viewed in many countries other than Malaysia. They even provide subtitles for non-Malay viewers.
    note3: My volleyball team, MECSA lost to MMESA yesterday. Two more matches on Monday and Tuesday for the group match. Thanks for the support. (^_^)

    note4: FYI, my birthday is on August 5th and I've already received a present from my Friend. Wait for my post on that day. Thank you very much. I purposely hide my DOB in FB to see who remembers it.



    9 Responses to "The forum "Have we ended the siege" was very informative but.."
    1. Nope, the MC is well-prepared. Let's say, he's a bit nervous. I hope that he didn't put too much like that. Else, he's already a good speaker.


      Oh yeah, 5th August right?
      Don't worry, a lot more to come, and who knows if U'll get a surprise from people around U?


    2. I agree with LORD ZARA. He's a good

      Although im not in the hall (coz of sum reason), i can say, nothin weird and its remarkable.

      Its so lively at the outside and people are rushing to know who is the MC that nite...hehe...

      Don't pull urself 2 much only coz of this okay?

    3. Nak pergi malam tu, but I had a meeting :/ ah rugi2.

      Looking at the number of people who came, the event must be quite successful :)

    4. Shu'bah.

      The forum is quite impressive since the main hall almost full with the audiens. it showed people aware about this issue.alhamdulillah.

      1. Good luck for the next match.Loss or win never mind.Just don't get astma during that time.

      2.When is ur birthday?How come ur friend give the present in advance? ;p

    5. thanks for sharing this info~

    6. @zara
      haha..u r not there. there's mainly not bcoz i'm nervous but I read the text. i think if i did it spontaneously, i'll okay and my ebglish will be fluent. LOL

      thanks. hope so eventhough just a mere birthday wish is enough for me.

      @Hiromi san
      haha. I bet those who rushed to see who was the MC were very disappointed after hearing his speech.

      thanks anyway. U r in charge outside. that's way u cannot join the forum.

      yup. quite successful even the program flow was not very smooth. But thanks to all the committees. Ada niat nak datang pun dapat pahala. :)

      yes. People are aware of this issue. thanks for coming (nervous psl ni kot) :)

      1. hehe. insyaAllah. got my medicine ready.

      2. I dont know why but this person likes to give the present early. and for that I thank Her very much.really. :)

      you're most welcome. :)

    7. gud summary! hee~
      sygnyer xdpt g mlm tuh.thanx 4 sharing d info ;)

    8. Most welcome. It's ok. next time maybe. :)

    9. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

      Amiable brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

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