Kibou (Hope)


I just had my English for Academic purposes (EAP) test yesterday. Since it did not went very well, it kept me thinking, it has been a while since I write in English. The last post was in August if I'm not mistaken. Well, it must be because lately I've been reading blogs which are written in Bahasa and somehow, they influence me to write in Bahasa.

You don't have to use bombastic words like in those old Hikayats to attract readers, don't have to write in a way that only you can understand the content of your writings like "cpew,dye,kitew". Just write anything from your heart using proper words and arrangement, I'm sure it will turn out good and people will enjoy reading it.

Hikari wo sagashite..


So, the argumentative essay for my test was about Euthanasia or better known as mercy killings. Call it whatever you want, I will never agree to them. I don't know why but I can't stand the fact that patients who are suffering from terminal cancers and illnesses were given options to end their lives with the help of their doctors. I mean, shouldn't they be given hope and fight all the way till the end instead of being given ways to commit suicide?

I shook my in disbelief when reading the articles provided for the test. If you're sitting behind me, you'll notice it. There goes my 1 hour from 2 hour test, not knowing what to write, to agree or disagree. *sigh*

As long as we are alive, we need to hold onto our hopes. Even for those who are suffering from the diseases that have zero chance of recovery, they still need to hold on to their hopes and fight.


At the moment, I have a lot of hopes.

- Hoping that my Abah will have the strength to do all those hard works for his newly open laundry service, Dhobi Station.

- Hoping that my uncle and auntie have a safe journey to the Holy Mecca for their hajj.

- Hoping that I'll do well in my other papers and don't have to repeat any of them. Nauzubillah.

- Hoping that I can finish my project and don't have to think about it after this again.

- Hoping that Shin and Musa can finish their Jam Cinta

- No mistakes anymore even it is not possible to not make mistakes.

- Hoping that I will get a good result for this semester.

- Hoping that I can be like Raju Rastogi in 3 idiots. Remember the last part when Ranchoddas always read his blog about his engineering projects and inventions? cool right?

    and the list goes on..

    We have hopes. We are given the right and ability to hope for something, hope for a better life, hoping to live well in the future. It is all the matter of how we act towards achieving those hopes.

    How I wish I can turn back the time & choose course related to programming/computer instead. But it's all in the past. now move on

    Ever since I'm stuck with the final year project, I've been thinking why did I choose this course and even this university in the first place. I love mathematics and programming. But still I chose Automotive over Computer Engineering. Then it hit me. It is all in Allah's plan. You can plan but His plans are better.


    If you have regrets, it is all in the past. Use it as a reminder and learn from it. Try our best so that we won't have any regret in the future.

    and Let's not give up hope. What you need to never give up? You tell me. 

    I'm so dead if my supervisor read this. You have time to update your blog but no time to meet me? Adeh..

    Till then, Assalamualaikum.


    18 Responses to "Kibou (Hope)"
    1. Salam.

      When there's fate, there's always hope and it'll go vice versa.

      I felt a bit guilty when U wrote U read some blogs in Bahasa that make U wrote in Bahasa too (Gosh! Like U always read mine.. Ha ha ha)

      Nay, it's okay to write in both languages and I do hope that one day U'll write in Japanese too!

      Anyway my dear sahabat, good luck in your final exam. I always know U can do it well (My doa is always for U too).

      Do take care.

    2. Gosh.
      They ask about mercy killings in exams?! Thought the topic's taboo!

      Dulu kat PJ pernah nak buat presentation pasal euthanasia untuk kelas speaking tapi lecturer tak bagi sebab kata that topic is a sensitive issue. Hoho.

    3. yup agree with u..i too am having problem to get back on track to write my blog in english...all the best for ur FYP..dont feel regret or whatsoeva.u chose ths path and work hard for matter what course u took, do it the best because u might not do it for urself..but u r reflecting ur deen also..

    4. meh aku kabau kat Sv kau.. name please.. hohoho

      you should write more in english if you are taking English subject. It helps!

      ps:caption gambar mancari hikari tu...
      saya jawab : hikari kat sini... ^_~

    5. ムンシさま。。。


      ana konpius...haha

    6. Shu'bah..tenang2..
      Bleh punya..

      Dont regret.Ada la tu hikmah..If u regret,ana pun nak ikut regret la..huhu.I should have taking BARB or IRK..kekeke.

      But Allah knows better.If i'm becoming ustaz,maka porak-peranda dan hancur-punah la dunia.So,that is why I've been chosen to be what i'm right now.

      Go go shu'bah..Grad sama2 nnti,insya Allah.

    7. wah...u have a lot of hopes!;)


    8. oh euthanasia.. this ethical issue always been discussed in medical my ethic class.. hmm... it's not easy to make this decision.. but there's reason behind it. =)

    9. hey, i am new to blogging, and i read a few of your post about hopes, it just so true! you seem to be quite good with these stuffs, can you visit my blog and give me an unbiased opinion about what i am needed to do? heres the link

    10. huhu.. minat programming ke bro?

    11. benda yang berlaku mesti ade please dont be regret yeah.:)

    12. Assalamualaikum.

      Coincidentally, i read this entry during my heart is broken down because something bad is happened in my life.Alhamdulillah, I feel relieved after that.Influenced by your words that people shouldn't give up.

      Thank you.

    13. Ohishashiburi Munsyi-san. It has been awhile since I last visited your blog here.

      Well, If I were to continue your list of 'hopes' it might turn to another post here. lols.

      All the best for all your undertakings :)

    14. gravatar Eka Yucika says: [Reply to comment]

      WOWWW...nice entry ^^

      Pasal euthanasia tu, same here, xstuju ke patut nk end someone life even patient tu ada terminal disease la chance nk btaubat ke ape..hehehe.

      ramai je suke math, but then amik course lain..its ok la..Allah knows better..yg pnting, FIGHTING! *eceh..tetiba* haha

    15. hopes is what makes us living...
      don't dwell on the past..
      just move on and don't let unattained hopes destroys you..
      patience and be strong..

      ur english is way better than mine..
      kena blaja nih...

    16. salam Bro,

      I really enjoy reading this entry. U are right when u put, just write anything from your heart.. I guess, i read it with my heart as well. eid mubarak.

    17. ok now I properly read this. (have to admit, I prefer you write in English rather than BM, then again I know you're on your way to become a Malay-lit novelist so I cant complain much :P but it makes me skip reading your feeds on my reader sometimes, hehe).

      I did essay about Euthanasia during English Level 4 @ UIA-PJ, it was even the first time I heard the word and its meaning, but luckily it wasnt tiba2 keluar in a test.. more like an essay discussion in our class :)

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