Have you ever feel so low..

Have you ever feel so low..
Lower than anything else you can imagine..
If some heartless beast are the lowest..
Yes, lower than that..
Lower than all the creature in this planet..
Lower than anything else you can imagine.

When your apology was accepted..
With a smile or maybe even a laugh..
Saying it's okay and not to think much about it..
But deep inside you knew it wasn't okay..
To leave things that way.

Have you ever feel like the world is watching you..
Laughing at you when you make mistakes..
Your action is too unacceptable..
And hurts the people you once care..
the people you once love.

The words you once said to other people..
Have now came back and slap you in the face..
"Now, you have taste your own medicine" it says..
For now, you better stay away.

If I were to answer these questions..
I would definitely say..
You got me spot on..
YES and as a matter of fact..
I am feeling it right now..

Feeling so heartless for hurting you this way..
For making you hate me so much..
For playing with your feeling..
when it was once the only thing that I care about.

I don't care what people might say..
Or think for that matter..
All I care was..
To be forgiven by the person I betrayed..
The person, who hates me more than anything..
Right now.

I wasn't playing with the word Sorry..
Because right now, All I can say is..
I am very sorry for all the things I've said.

So low, So sorry


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