If you were given a choice..

If you were given a choice..
What would you do?

If you were given a choice..
Between a Gold coin..
And a chipped glass..
You would probably choose the coin..
Because it is easy to decide on what to choose.

If you were given a choice..
Between a  brand new digital camera..
And an antique, broken camera..
You would probably choose the new one..
Because it is easy to decide on what to choose.

If you were given a choice..
Between two shiny Diamonds..
Both have its own price..
A very high price..
No other people can touch both..
Except the one who is willing to pay more..
Sacrifice more..
What would you choose?

This is life..
When you walk this path of life..
You will stuck at some point along the way..
Not knowing what to do, which way to choose..
Like the 'Road not taken'

Soon you'll think..
I should have choose that, instead of these..
I should choose both, because both seem so perfect..
or when you fail to make your decision..
you would probably say..

It could have been better, if I were given a chance 
To choose between the coin and the glass again.


*Kimeta. Kono kimochi o mamorimasu. Saigo made mo, Gambarimasu.
*Thanks for everything. Pray for your success, for Allah to lend His strength, always.


14 Responses to "If you were given a choice.."
  1. fuh...t'gamam bila baca post munsyi kali ni...susah nye nk buat pilihan ni...moga anta punya pilihan adalah yg t'baik dan sekufu...=)

  2. Salam.

    Shu'bah, life might be hard, but my nakama, I know you'll survive. It's not because of the choices or whatsoever, but I know U will. Believe in Allah, believe in yourself & I believe that U'll make a great choice & come out with best solution.

    Good luck my dear buddy.
    My doa is always for U.

    P/S : U know what U always tell me when I've problems aite? Now it's your turn to use it back.

    Ukhuwah fillah.

  3. hurmm.. susah betul nak buat pilihan kan??

    chanto kangaeteru.

    Perlu ambil masa.
    Kalau Allah izinkan tak ke mana. InsyaAllah~

  4. Moga ALLAH permudahkan urusan abang senior!

  5. First thought when I read this entry:

    he's torn between two women ke apa?

    Hehe kidding.

    InsyaAllah, you will be guided in making those decisions. Trust yourself, weigh those pros and cons. You can do it.

    All you have to remember is to get rid of those 'what if's in your head. Take two steps forward and don't look back :)

    ps: It's easier to find solutions for somebody else's problems rather than your own, have you notice that? :)

  6. @usop
    Tu la. susah kan buat pilihan. mcm rugi je lepas. Tp, nta silap paham ni :P

    JIwang itu best. haha

    thanks zara. dah bgtau kan :)

    @fana neechan
    kan?tp akan pgg dgn keputusan yg dh dibuat. insyaAllah

  7. @hans
    yup. alhamdulillah mungkin dh settle :)

    hee. Jazakallahu khair. :)

    arigatou na~

    eh eh..kenapakah women yg terlibat?heee

    thanks btw. mmg advice yg sgt bgune. :)

  8. eh,silap paham ye???ingt kan pasal......hahaha....sj bikin provokasi kt sni...=)

  9. @usop
    haha. tipu je. betul la tu ape yg di fikiran :P

    thanks ziarah. mari~ :)

  10. haven't dropped by in a while.. a long while, actually. but lovely poem, btw. reminded of
    'the road not taken'.

    may Allah bless.

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