Kekkon Omedeto~ Basyir and Atiyah


I attended my classmate's wedding last Saturday. Basyir and Atiyah. It was fun, meeting classmates from high school and laugh at each others jokes. The most common question when you attend a wedding reception will be "So, when is your wedding?". I asked several friends the question, some refused to answer and some just smile.

Including this couple, there have been more than 10 couples from my batch, Gen10 with most of them were from the girls side. It's a good thing to get married in early age when you are ready, capable and know your responsibilities. I wish you all married couples a very Happy and blessed life ahead~

I have to help my friend find the way back home since the person is not that familiar with Gombak that I missed the chance to meet some of other Gen10 members like Adiy, Hanif, Uluwan and the rest. Just noticed they did came to the wedding from Muttaqee's video below.

Kudos for a very good video editing skill. Love it. Full credit to MasterpieceStudios.

Lastly, to the sweet newly married couple, Basyir and Atiyah..

Go Kekkon Omedeto gozaimasu~ 
May Allah bless you and your new family always and forever~

Well, if people ask me the question, "When is your wedding?", I'll probably answer "October 2012"

Berangan (- -") 
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11 Responses to "Kekkon Omedeto~ Basyir and Atiyah"
  1. hurm..ko pegi eh wedding ni..
    ak xpegi pon..huhu

  2. When it's your turn, please invite me eh?


  3. congrats to the newly wed couple...

  4. Barakallahu lakuma..
    Mcm x percaya pulak enchik Basyir sudah berkahwin..Dok teringat zaman2 kat MATRI dulu...

    Bah nta nk walimah jmput ana eh.Hehehe

  5. Hahahaha.. part yang last sekali kelakar pulak akak rasa..anyway, video best. Lagu apa yer yang dimainkan? boleh tau? Nice song..

  6. next year gak lah...nak berangan jugek....hahaha

  7. @hans:
    amin utk hans nex yer kawen duit dh byk kn? XD

    eh shu'bah kawen ko lepas ni waa dh ade tarikh siap gempak~ :P

  8. @LORD ZARA 札拉:

    same!! invite me too! jgn biarkan aku kawen dulu loll

  9. @izulman DKDM:

    hahahha...aku saja doakan diri sendiri...awek pun tak ada so harap2 tahun depan bakal jumpa permaisuri di hati

    munsyi..nak suruh ko vote aku nih...
    paksa rela yer...
    ko kena vote juga

    P/S : Tolong Vote Saya Sebab Saya Nak Menang Buku Nih! (^_^)Y

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