Deai no Chikara..


Do you know this song, Deai no chikara by AAA? It's in Japanese and the title means The power of meeting (something like a fateful,powerful encounter, i think). 

So, someone introduced me to this song. Upon listening to the song and well, seeing the translation, it reminds me a quote by Horie Kae from Closed Note. another Japanese movie.

"It's so hard for two people to meet. Before you're aware of the other person, no matter how many times you guys pass each other, you're not really meeting. Only after you become aware of the person, then you've really met him/her"

It is the same as what we called, Jodoh. It is not just between you and your partner, but also between you, your friends and also the people you know in your life. According to statistic, on average, a person will meet around 10 000 people in his lifetime and everyday, you'll meet new faces.


Fateful Encounter: Friends

I used to change schools a lot in my childhood because my father's works. Born in Penang, my family then moved to Kulim when I was in kindergarden. And from standard one to standard four, we lived in Alor Setar. Moved to Johor Bahru for one and a half year before changed school, again, to Mersing. 

Now, my family house is in Melaka. Changing schools several times allow me to meet and get to know many people and some even remember me from back then when I already forgot most of the memories. If I haven't moved to those different places, some of them might not know me, or become my friends. It's a fateful encounter, already written in our Book.

Model: Siddiqi

Well, my point is that when we meet more people, get to know them and be friends, there will always be time when we don't agree with each other or maybe even fight (for boys, mostly. Kalau gaduh mulut, tak macho la kan. heee). If both side, appreciate each others' company, small argument will not lead to bigger problem and both will try to understand each other and tolerate.

Let say you take the LRT to KLCC.
You'll never know, among the passengers who are in that particular LRT at that particular moment, one of them might be your friend in the future. Maybe you'll meet them at work, maybe you'll see them again during an event. Maybe. 

So, smile and be nice to everyone, even someone you've just met. Because Strangers are just friends waiting to happen

A powerful meeting: Love

When I watch movies, usually I will think the possibilities of the ending like..

- If she hadn't moved to the lake house, they will never meet..

- If only the heroine call the person she admire rather than the person who is close to her to help when the car broke down...

- If only the mother of the hero doesn't realize how kind her daughter-in-law is until the end of the movie..

- If only the main character didn't come to the shop when the snow falls down at the exact same time..

Sometimes, we found love at a very unexpected places. But not every love will lasts forever. Depends on how it begins. If it is just because you are beautiful or exceptionally gorgeous, your partner might fall in love with you just because of your appearance. Some like it because they love to be praised over and over again. Some just hate it because they know, soon, the beauty will be gone and what remains is more important to glued the bond together between you and your husband/wife.
Well, this is mostly for the girls. There's no need to get the attention of someone you like, because even if you guys did become closer and date each other, if you guys are not meant to be together, eventually, one of you will be hurt and the possibility of the girl to be hurt is higher.

Turn Left turn right. Credit

So, equipped yourself with knowledge, get a good job to support your family and when the time comes and you are ready, pray to Allah and if it is your fate, you'll meet someone nice, a good husband or wife, and get a happy and blessed family. InsyaAllah.

Not that you cannot search for them yourself. But usually, a good man is rare to find these days and you might end up getting hurt yourself.

Let the man do their job.Who knows, during your campus life or your working life, someone might actually looking and admiring you from far not only because of your beauty or your smile and might create their own, well, Deai no chikara

Who knows right? ^_^

Ok. Don't know why tiba2 post ni jadi macam jiwang. -___-". Blame the person who introduce me to this song. LOL


10 Responses to "Deai no Chikara.."
  1. heheheheh
    mesti ada orang admire punyo

    pakcik munsyi memang jiwang kan?

    P/S : Contest Dari Proton! Menangi Hadiah Percutian Ke Monte Carlo Monaco!

  2. tak tahu kenapa post ni jadi jiwang?

    answer: sebab kamu pun memang seorang jiwang, how many times do i have to tell you that? hahaha jk.

    good point there, the 'no need to strive for attention' part.
    if it's meant to be then it's meant to be, no? :)

  3. try to understand each other and tolerate.

    huuuuu dalam maksud tuh!

    banyak tgk akai ito nih...


    wooo admire ek..

    hurmmm... "admire to inspire" tu boleh kire jugak la kan?? huhu

  4. ehem.

    Don't hide anything from me Buddy~


  5. Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. << suka!

  6. fuyooo touching saya haha good luck

  7. lame tak menyinggah sini..lalalala~

  8. Lama tak singgah sini~ ^^

    The Lake house! ^^

    Very well written~ (all your posts were!)

  9. hmm..
    x minat sangat AAA tp lagu nih memang mempunyai maksud yg mendalam..

    ape2 pon, lama x ziarah blog nih..
    ape khabar bro??

  10. hype...
    me transfer a lot too...
    coz my father was a army
    move there..
    move here...
    but still missing my friends...

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