I'm busy doing what busy people always do..

...pretending to be busy. 

But to be frank, I was too busy procrastinating. Doing low priority task (finding my pen, googling articles for the assignment but end up spending too much time tweeting) rather than actually doing my pile of projects and assignments. *sigh*

Well, next week is going to be a tough week if I continue doing unnecessary things. Midterms, Project, Assignments, Reports. (I noticed in my previous posts, I always put the number of tasks that are need to be done to make it looks like I'm sooo busy). No need to mention the number of midterms I have, just need the prayers from my lovely readers. I do this all the time too. (-__-")

After all, I'm not a good at managing my time. Thanks for the continuous reminders from my friends. So I decided to..

- Deactivated my Facebook. If you notice la..
- Stop tweeting. Just recently.
- Stop going out far from campus for any activity.
- Maybe gonna private this blog or delete it altogether. Maybe.

and act accordingly. Please pray so that I can get a hold of myself together. Oh I did it again, asking prayers from you guys. (-__-"). So not cool. Enough. Let read this and change.

Face the book not the Facebook! Source: The internet. 


A copied post from The Story Begger

Time may seem long for some, and may seem short for others.
But Allah have gave everyone the same amount.

24hours per day.

But why is it that some can be more productive than others?
Time management.

Pick a day. Any day.
Maybe a day that feels so long for you.
Try to rewind what you did on that day.
How was it?
Did you do anything beneficial on that day?
Or did you just sleep, eat, watch movies, play games etc etc?

That is not the way to live.

Successful people don't just sit back and relax.
They make sure even their sleep are beneficial.

So if you want to be successful.
Especially in this world and hereafter.
You will really need to make some sacrifices.
Forgo what you like, and fill it with what you need.

Stop saying "I am busy".
And start acting like one.

For real!

A copied post from The Story Begger


Make a timetable and follow. Plan and act. Actions always speak louder than words.

A reminder for me and you and you and yeah, you too. \(^_^)/

Till then. This is going to be a long hiatus. Hope so.


p/s: Oh. She's so gonna be mad if she knew I updated my blog when I said I'll be offline until everything is settled.


11 Responses to "I'm busy doing what busy people always do.."
  1. hm.. same here, i guess. need to start prioritizing. seriously.

  2. i'm just a blog walker..
    i'm so interested with your blog..
    so please don't delete your blog @ private it..
    btw, all the best for ur midsem exam.. :)

  3. I notice you deactivate your facebook!

    But don't la delete your blog, you can just come back later when you're less busy

    good luck, senior!

  4. owh..hard to understand..hahaha..keeping busy..but just don't stress :)

  5. 'she' dare kanojo wa???

    uh uh kalau kamu publish comment ini maksudnya kamu masih curi curi online~ haaa kantoi! ^_~

    jgn stress sgt! Gambatte!

    oh oh procrastinate itu pnyakit merbahaya...

  6. gravatar pijay says: [Reply to comment]

    salam, may your business goes well, insyaAllah.

  7. be disciplined, have good attitude, away from your comfort zone. gud luck! ;)

  8. Keep holding on...

    Don't forget to hold on musyi~ ^___^

  9. Salam alaik...Good sharing..May Allah helps Us in every single thing we are doing..Good luck Bro!!

  10. i've also detect my own weakness in managing time. i did deavtivate my facebook temporary to be good person ;) hi munsyi

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