Sayonara. Closing this blog..

Sayonara is goodbye in Japanese in case you didn't know.

Oh, back to the title, I think I'm going to close this blog and...

Maybe open up a food review or food recipe blog or travel blog or gadget review blog!


Munsyi's Kitchen would sound nice right? Men also need to have this cooking skills, if not the tasting skills, so that it's easier to lend a hand when your wife is pregnant or too busy with work. Yes. I can try different recipes and you can try it at home. Just like the movie, Julie & Julia. Well, at least you can put something on the table by referring to my blog. 


A food review blog. My own Jalan Cari² Makan with Munsyi segment. Find a restaurant, order, eat and write a review about it. That way, when you guys want to go for a nice dinner or lunch, you can refer to my reviews and choose the place which suits your taste. hmm. A good idea also. For example, 

Had my dinner at Bilal Cafeteria. I ordered their famous Waqec Chicken Rice. Below is the picture of the food I ordered (contoh je, gambar cilok internet). The rice is oily, small portion of chicken. DON'T COME HERE. (contoh je nasik ayam diorang sedap kot. ^_^)

Nasi Ayam


Perhaps Travel Around The World with Munsyi sounds better? hmm. I LOVE to travel. Hope I can visit these places in the future. I've made a post about me traveling 'oversea' here but at that time, I can only afford to go to Singapore.Oh by the way, there is a contest organized by MASTravellers here and win a trip to Paris, Japan or Korea. Click here for more information.

someone told me  you cannot go to Sapporo by Shinkansen.hmm


Open a blog as an anonymous blogger and write anything I want, Puji sini, kutuk sana, ayat sini. Even a mysterious blogger who doesn't put up his/her real picture and write good post has lots of fans. No, I'm not kidding. I want to be famous too.haha


Actually, there are several reasons why I want to change it to food blog or any other type of blogs:

1. When I want to post something, I can say I've tasted it (in the case of food blog) and post  it but if in this blog, I cannot say I've done something until I've done it myself. You know the feeling when you write about want to do this and that before the dateline and eventually the task is far from 'done'. Too much procrastinating I guess. (-__-")

2. I can post lots and lots of food pictures, or beautiful places with me in there without feeling like I'm showing off. It will be like "I'm showing you this place. It's really beautiful. You should come here too." kind of feeling. Know what I mean? :)

But alas, the fact that I don't have a lot of money, I cannot go travel nor eat something good. nor buy a gadget or anything. So, the probability of me open up a food review/travel/gadget blog is low or nil.

I will stick back to this blog then. hehe

Oh, one more thing, Do pray for the our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan. With all the tsunami and earthquake, I really hope everyone is safe, especially Saido san & Sheri san (I think he's in London now).

note: BE is running. I had to do something right? So here goes #postyangentahapeape -.-


14 Responses to "Sayonara. Closing this blog.."
  1. aww..but gud luck tho! i love food reviews!! hahaha mmg sgt berguna to other people :)

  2. vote for anonymous blogger.haha.nak tengok mengancam tak jadi mysterious writer.haha


  3. "Open a blog as an anonymous blogger and write anything I want, Puji sini, kutuk sana, ayat sini. Even a mysterious blogger who doesn't put up his/her real picture and write good post has lots of fans. "

    Setuju dengan budak pendek kat atas.

  4. wades...

    nape ramai sangat blogger sekarang nih tutup blog? huhu

    rebrand je r munsyi...

    contoh blog yang dah rebrand (tapi pun nak tutup gak baru2 nih) kakimotong.blogspot


  5. Sheri in London?


    I thought he still in Nagoya. He should come back to Malaysia this March aite? Anything U know, please let me know Shu'bah.

    ...and again, don't dare to close your blog. Haip!

  6. aiyakk!!! bikin terkejut je tau. huhu~

  7. eleh... boleh masak ke nak wat pasal food n recipe?

  8. Salam..

    La..skali ingat memang senpai nak close blog.Ni kira gimmick je la?

    Jom travel gi mana2 cuti vietnam ok gak.hehehe

  9. buat je la bro pape
    asalkan jangn tutup terus

  10. bwat org suspen je..
    igt kan nk tutup blog sbb merajukk. ;P

  11. salam...
    wooo....thought u going to close for real...kinda suprised bro...u got
    whateva it is, plz keeps ur blog alive, coz im ur biggest fan bro...

    i will always supporting u! ;)

  12. sheri-san tuh betina ke?? ;p

  13. salam ziarah dan salam perkenalan wahai blogger top 10 kacak... hahaha... saya follow blog awak.. nanti mai la singgah blog saya dan follow la sekali...

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