What if?

Two letters. What if..

Just imagine. What if your family was involved in the recent Tsunami tragedy? What if it was your parents or brothers or your sisters? or what if the disaster actually took place here in Malaysia?

What if this is your loved ones?

What if this is your country?

Will you react the same as when you did to those tsunami victims in Japan? For those who showed sympathy and pay their respect to the victims, and some even make donations, kudos! I am glad there are still good Samaritan among us. 

See more pictures of the Japan earthquake aftermath [here]

But some, unfortunately, well known personnel and organizations in our country have lost their humanity and make stupid jokes from it. All that Ultraman and Doraemon twits, and that Ultraman cartoon running away from the big wave. I'm shocked and sad at the same time. Like that other time when me and my friends were collecting donations for Palestine and an old man came to us and said,

Why are we helping them? They don't even have connection with us.

Very sad right?this kind of mentality.

Will leave you guys with this quote or poem or whatever they call it..


Bencana itu sudah tiba di Jepun!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Malaysia…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Johor!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Selangor…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Gombak!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Petaling Jaya…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Seksyen 5!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Seksyen 2…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Jalan 2/4!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Jalan 2/8…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di rumah nombor 47!
Tak apa. Kita kan di rumah nombor 74…

Bahagian depan rumah kita sudah runtuh!
Syukur. Dapur kita masih selamat…

Written by Ustaz Hasrizal in his blog, Do read the full post --->>> SaifulIslam.com

No, I'm not mad at them. Just don't think it's appropriate to make those statements. Pray for all human beings, pray so that we and they can see that when Allah says Kun fayakun, it WILL happen and find out what we can learn from this lesson. Be in their shoes and have sympathy to those who are unfortunate, Please!


6 Responses to "What if?"
  1. Some people really don't think about this. They poking and make joke on serious matter like this.


  2. @LORD ZARA 札拉: Let just hope they realize their mistakes. Dont know what else to say to this kind of people. =.=

  3. terlajak perahu boleh diundur,terlajak melukis, ke CNN la jawabnya....

    when i heard about tsunami, terus teringat terjemahan surah Al-qariah...

    alhamdulillah, pintu taubat masih terbuka. Moga kita semua ambil iktibar dari kesilapan si karikatur..

  4. @Cik Jari: hehe. ada pula peribahasa camtu. :)

    tu la. bencana alam sbg peringatan dr Allah. tak kira yg kena atau orang yg jauh dr kawasan bencana.

  5. I'm looking for your blog!sejak akak tukar url,tak jumpa banyak link2 yg best termasuklah blog shu'bah....;)

    so,i'm here again!hehehe..

    Akak kira baru jugak la tahu pasal tsunami ni...mmg kat sini hujan lebat,pelik jugak sbb dah habis musim tengkujuh...rupanya kesan dari tsunami di Jepun..

    Masih dalam muhasabah diri...

  6. ade jugak yg tak sedar semua ni. hati manusia lain2 even kaler rambut sma.hope dpt jd pengajaran!

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