Final exam: Study group vs Study sendiri


In the early years of my studies here in IIU, I prefer to do my revision for final examination alone. I will put on some instrumental music and read the notes. That is until I learned that studying in group is much easier. No wonder everyone except me scored in the finals. ok alasan. ^_^"

Well, here's why:

1. If it's a group of let say, 5 people, and for one subject you have like 5 chapters to cover, each person can cover one chapter and explain to others what it is all about. Surely not just before the exam and not all, but still, it reduces the time needed for you to understand certain topic and can focus on the other.

2. Discuss past semester papers. Just like no. 1. One question per person and the questions will be done in no time.

3. Most importantly, you can remind each other the details of the exams, what to bring (matric card and stuff) in case one of you forget. If you are on your own, no one is there to remind you other than yourself. 
But, study group do have some drawbacks which should be taken into serious consideration if success is what you aimed for. For instance,

1. Gossiping. Not only girls, boys do that too. More like borak², discuss about football and stuff. Definitely not me. I don't speak football. ^_^

2. Play games. Especially when the exam is not the next day and regret because you haven't touch anything since you started playing.

3. Drink coffee and eat keropok to stay up, only to find yourself more sleepy instead of awake because of too much eating.

4. Not a good study environment when your friends started to smoke and you're not comfortable studying in that environment but since you need to ask him something, you decided to let him smoke. -__-"
Don't forget to include my name in your do'a ya :))

أَسْأَلُ الله التَّوفِيقَ وَالسَّداد لِلْجَمِيع
taken from here, where I learn a lot of Arabic. :)

That's all for now. Oh tonight I need to revise the notes alone and later in the study group. Next paper will be on the 5th. Remind me~

How about you? How do you revise for your exams?

note: When I see your smiling face, I feel glad and guilty at the same time. :') 


9 Responses to "Final exam: Study group vs Study sendiri"
  1. BUat jugak dulu study group yang berjaya. sekali dengan mar, nela, nazri.. bahagi2 chapter.. kalau tak berjaya tu bila bilangan ahli yg buat study group makin ramai..! haha

    Best of luck! Dah ttp blog twitter, study!

  2. Good luck. Aku rasa study sendiri lagi bagus kot. hu3. tp kadang2 study group pon bagus. dua2 lah. hahaha

  3. sokong study group..
    Islam syorkan kalo buat berdua lagi efisien.. tp dah terlupa surah mane dan ayat ke brape.. -_-"

  4. Good luck Shu'bah.

    Aaaa..dulu pun aku suka study sorang2. Cuma ada certain subject je aku buat study group. Memang bagus sebenarnya :)

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  6. aku..... prefer sorang!
    plus rasa tak fully covered kalo soh org baca kan and explain!
    but depends gak kalo subjek theory merepek2 aku divide!
    tp in case ada soklan yang part mmber terang tp dia tak explain hbis itu buat nak marah tu. wakakaka!

    btw, study sendiri la best! nak group2 nih stok org rajin2, before exam dah buat group. itu lain ler. hee

  7. of group lagi berkesan.... jimat masa n yang penting..yg kita tak sempat nak cover lain coverkn..hehehe

  8. gravatar Anonymous says: [Reply to comment]

    study sniri ... syubah asyik buat lawak kalo study..haha


  9. study group ok, study sniri pun ok.

    kadang2 study sdiri jd tak ok ble kte byk selit mende2 lain time study (main game, on9 fb and etc).
    kadang2 study group plak jd tak ok ble kte selit dgn hot gossip n etc.

    so, terpulang ke individu tu macam mana dy uruskan cara dia belajar.

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