Learn and write..there are always two sides to every story


I don't know if there are still readers out there who read my blog since it has been lack of update, i mean a real decent post. The last one was on March 3rd about the final exam, and the rest are just wordless Wednesday posts just to keep this blog updated (la sangat). I have been trying to type something for your information but sadly they end up as empty drafts with just titles, or sometimes untitled.
The reason was every time I read/heard about a story, news or issue which capture my interest to give my own opinion, I tend to stop halfway because of one thing, afraid of getting the facts wrong and mislead others
I used to write anything that came across my mind in the old days but recently, seeing our current blogosphere, I don't think it's a good idea to think of an issue and just spit it out without any prior knowledge about it. Sometimes, you must admit that you don't know and learn, and not acting like a know-it-all person and ignore others' opinion. Remember to always be humble with your knowledge.

This is based from what I observed. When a well-known blogger write about something, some will just agree and spread the so-called new knowledge/ideology without investigate or do a search about it first.

credit: munsyi.tumblr.com

For every news, there are always two sides of the story, or even three, four sides. If you only listen to one side and ignore the other, I must say that you are not a very bright person. Because the other side might have some truth in it.

Anyway, this is how Allah created us, to have different thoughts, feelings and ways of seeing things. Our world might be the same on the outside, but in the inside, we are pretty much different. We define each term differently. Happiness, sadness, lonely. So, don't hate and argue others just because you have different opinion about a story because they might know that story better than you do.

This video is an example to my points. Poverty tells many stories. Well, what do you think about it?

This is a boring post but I hope you can grab what I want to convey here.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.


5 Responses to "Learn and write..there are always two sides to every story"
  1. "I don't know if there are still readers out there who read my blog since it has been lack of update, i mean a real decent post."
    -Don't worry.I'm always here to support you ;D wink!

  2. Well said :) Allah created man with 'aql, so that we can seek the truth not just follow blindly. This what happen now. this not happen in this blogsphere, sometimes it also happen in our Ibadah. May Allah guide us.=)

  3. alalalala..
    sedih nyer citer kt youtube tu..

    teringat drama Chnage la plak ;)

    looking forward for your next post.. ;)

  4. Sometimes memang takut nak tulis pendapat di blog. Takut salah. Tapi bagi saya itu perlunya komen pembaca. Supaya kita dapat lihat view orang lain jugak. Sama-sama berkongsi ilmu dan pendapat yang kita ada.

    Good entry, Munsyi. :)

  5. poverty have it's story....wealth pun have it's story jgk :)

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